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Welcome To Our Rattan Meuble

We are manufacturer and exporter of natural rattan furniture and synthetic rattan furniture from Cirebon, West Java Province, Indonesia.

Rattan, waterhyacinth, synthetic and more

Welcome to Rattan Meubel, exporter, manufacturer, and supplier of rattan meuble and rattan furniture in Indonesia. Our best rattan furniture products comes from our passion of beauty, attention to details, and prompt delivery. Our staff are friendly, trustable, helpful and full of smile

As the trustable rattan manufacturer we always give our best ideas effort to make beautiful furniture both from natural or synthetic rattan for any spaces of customer premises . We give our customer very best prices with good quality products. Our exceptional products is perfectly suitable for the indoor, patio, garden, and pool areas.

We strive to process the best Indonesian rattan materials to be the most beautiful furniture you can have. Indonesian rattan material is the best rattan material in the world. Rattan furniture is also produced in form of wicker furniture, cane furniture, kubu grey, wicker cane, water hyacinth (water hyacinth and wicker rattan combination), banana furniture (banana tree and wicker rattan combination), sea grass furniture (seagrass and wicker rattan combination).

Our best furniture collections have been exported worldwide. We sell our products to importer, wholesaler, store, distributor, and retailer in the world. We want our products to be distributed as many as possible to the world because we want all people in the wolrd can appreciate the beautifulness of rattan meuble. We hope you can be one of our valuable customer that will spread out rattan furniture to your country

Our Products

Rattan, waterhyacinth, synthetic and more

Dining Chairs


Living Sets





Rattan, waterhyacinth, synthetic and more

Vývozce ratanového nábytku

Vývozci ratanového nábytku jsou vývozci nábytku z přírodního nebo syntetického ratanu. Některé země, které exportují ratanový nábytek, jsou filipínské, Indonésie, Malajsie, Vietnam a Čína. Filipínská je první zemí, která exportuje ratanový nábytek. Poté Indonésie a...

Pelangi Chair Exporters

Pelangi Chair is a popular chair made  from natural rattan. This chair is  made by Cirebon chair makers in West Java Province in Indonesia. This chair is famous because the model is simple but very comfortable to sit in. The loadibility for this living set in 1 x 40...

Производители стульев Papasan

Поставщик стула Papasan - производитель или производитель стула papasan. Стул Papasan обычно изготавливается из натурального ротанга. Стул состоит из 2 частей. Часть сиденья и базовая часть. Форма сиденья круглая. Поскольку форма стула папасана похожа на чашу, его...

You can contact us at :

Mr Cipta

Phone. +62-821 2192 9091