How to Plant Rattan

The rattan industry always has profitable results. The market demand comes continuously to make the rattan industry alive. Rattan is considered to have more value than other wood products. This makes rattan has a high economic value. Most of the need for rattan comes from developed countries like America, Japan and Europe.
Indonesia is the largest rattan producing country in the world. Almost 80% of the world’s need for rattan exported from Indonesia. This makes Indonesia able to export both finished and raw rattan products. Until now, most of the rattan products are still obtained from natural forests or without cultivation. This should be watched out for if one day the amount of rattan will be run-out in the wild.
Currently in Indonesia there are only a few who develop rattan cultivation. In fact, rattan cultivation is quite easy and does not require difficult maintenance. To start planting rattan can use rattan seeds or through saplings (stem buds). Rattan seeds used come from old rattan fruits.
Before planting rattan seeds, there are several processes that must be carried out. First, separate the seeds with pulp by pounding them. The fruit is pounded slowly with a heavy pounder and make sure to not break the seeds. Furthermore, the seeds that have been separated are fermented for 1 day. After that, wash the rattan seeds with running water. When washing rattan seeds, crush the rattan seeds with the feet using boots.
Rattan cultivation can utilize old rubber plantations. Rattan plants are plants that live spread in other plants to find out sunlight. This is because rattan plants have thin stems. There are many thorns on the stems of rattan plants. The function of thorns to make it easy for rattan plants to stick to other plants.
Harvesting the results of rattan does not require a difficult process just because the stems have tight spines. To harvest the results of rattan, the first thing to do is find for the shoots of plants. Then prune and peel the tops of the rattan plants. After finding the edge of the rattan, pull all the rattan sticks together and roll it. This will make the rattan sticks clear of sharp thorns.

Rattan Pets House for Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs are often used as pets. Pet’s funny behavior can make the owner happy. Pets can be friends by their owners. This makes the owners always want to give the best for their pets. Pets like to spend their time for playing, eating and sleeping. After feeling tired of playing and the stomach is full, pets will find a place to rest. Pet owners can provide a home for pets to rest.
Houses for pets have many types, the popular one is the animal house made of rattan. Many famous pets use this rattan animal home. This rattan animal craft house originated from Indonesia but it already spread throughout the world.
The cute and unique shape makes this rattan animal house a favorite place for pets. Not only as a home for pets, this rattan animal house can be a room decoration. This is because rattan can be formed into any form, from easy to complicated shapes.
Not only for resting, this rattan animal house can reduce heat in pets. This is because rattan can have a cool material and does not make users feel heat. Your pet will feel comfortable when resting in his house. This rattan animal house is suitable as a gift for your pet.
How to care for rattan animal houses is quite easy. If it seems dusty you can clean it with a wet cloth. For the sidelines of woven rattan can be cleaned using a toothbrush. If there are rattan fibers you can use scissors to cut it.
For one animal house priced at hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. This depends on the level of difficulty of the rattan animal house. The more complicated the design the more expensive the price. You will not be disappointed because this rattan animal house can last a long time.

The New Trend Of Rattan Swing

Swing seat is a game that is loved by all ages from toddlers to adults. It turns out that besides being use as a game it also has other benefits for humans. According to research swing can be used as one sport that has a positive impact on health. You can burn as many as 200 calories for 60 minutes swings. This same as do some sports in a fitness center.
Swing seat is very popular in every age, but not everyone can have their own swing seat. Usually swings can only be found in public areas such as tourist attractions and city parks. If you want to enjoy the swing seat at home there is an option that is the rattan swing seat. This rattan swing seat is easily to install inside the house.
Although the name is rattan swing seat, this swing seat is only made of synthetic rattan, not natural rattan. This rattan swing seat measures around 200 cm and 110 cm in diameter. This swing seat can carry things up to 150 kg. It has large and wide shape makes this swing able to be used by two people at once.
Many shapes and designs vary from this rattan swing seat. Starting from the round, oval and other unique shapes. This rattan craft become popular because its aesthetic design can make value to the beauty of the room. Installing this rattan swing seat is also easy and doesn’t take up much space.
The placement of rattan swing seat in the house has many functions. It is not only to adding a beautiful impression to the room, rattan swings can be used to relax. Rattan swing seat will give you relaxation time so that it can reduce the heavy burden on you. You can put a swing of rattan on the terrace so that when you relax you can feel the breeze that adds to the feeling of comfort.
Rattan swing seat is now widely used in outdoor and indoor tourist attractions. Tourist destinations that use rattan swings while offering natural beauty include Prambanan Temple, Dago Dream Park, Kemit Forest and many more. Many visitors make rattan swings to take pictures with friends and family. also produce , export and sells rattan swing. So for those who search for rattan swing exporters, you can contact us.

Rattan Rocking Chairs Manufacturers

For those of you who have a high level of activity and has no time for a vacation often spend time relaxing at home. Many things can be done to relax at home such as spending time with family or restoring energy by resting.
To get rid of fatigue after a day of doing your daily routine you need relaxation. No need to go to the relaxation place, you can do relaxation at home by yourself. One way to relax is to sit relaxed in a rocking chair. Rocking chairs are not only used by the elderly, from children to adults can use rocking chairs.
One type of rocking chair that is famous for is rocking chairs made of rattan. This rattan rocking chair has two types that are those made from natural rattan and synthetic rattan. If you think the rocking chair looks old enough, now many rocking chairs have a modern design. You can even order according to the shape you want.
Not just for relaxing, rocking chairs also have benefits for the health of its users. The motion of rocking chair will give you a relaxed feeling. If the body has become more relaxed, the body will release stress from your mind. This will make your mind clear.
Besides having an impact on mental health, the use of rocking chairs also has a positive impact on physical health. According to some studies the motion caused by rocking chairs can reduce pain in parts of the body. Relaxing in a rocking chair can also expedite the respiratory system and lower blood pressure.
For those of you who have babies, you can calm the baby while sitting relaxed in a rocking chair. Babies will be calmer when given a cradle. The rocking chair can move like a mother’s cradle without having to be moved by humans. This causes you to be more relaxed while calming the baby. also one of manufacturer and producer of rattan rocking chairs. For more information regarding rattan rocking chair or other rattan furniture you can contact us.

Try New Fashion Item, Rattan Bag !

The fashion world is always alive in bringing up creative ideas. There are new fashion trends in every year. Fashion trends are often created by someone who has a big impact in the world of fashion such as designers and artists.
This year rattan bags have become one of the new fashion trends in Indonesia. This happened after one of the Indonesian artists used a rattan bag while on vacation. The artist is Raisa, a singer and celebrity who is popular in Indonesia. Raisa was praised even more beautiful when using the rattan bag.
Rattan bag currently become a hot topic in the world of Indonesian fashion is a round sling bag with a diameter of 20 cm. The bag has a natural color of rattan that is brown wood. The minimalist style has become popular among rattan craftsmen after many requests from customers.
Rattan bag itself that is simple in style is easily match with any outfit. For every occasion, both formal and informal, rattan bags can be chosen as a fashion accessories. Natural-style rattan bags also can be combined with all colors so there is no need to worry about matching clothes.
Now, there are many rattan bags in the market both in Indonesia and abroad. There are range of types from sling bags to large tote bags. The types of woven rattan bags are no less diverse than other rattan woven. The color variations of rattan bags are also available in all colors. Many variations of rattan bags can be your choice.
Although made from rattan, you don’t need to worry that this bag has a heavy weight. The price is very affordable, start from Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 300,000. Another benefit of rattan bags is that they are not easily stained. For treatment is easy just use a wet cloth if it is dusty enough.
The trend of this rattan bag fashion is a fresh air for rattan craftsmen. The demand for rattan bags also came from abroad which made the producers make a lot of profit. Rattan products also now vary not only furniture products. In the future, it is expected that there will be a lot of the latest trends that will make the development of rattan industry.