Rattan Furniture Indonesia

Rattan is a natural material whose stems are usually used to make rattan furniture Indonesia. It is increasingly in demand by the public because of the increasing trend of environmentally friendly housing. This material can create natural impression just like wood material.

Please note that rattan usually only comes in a few colors, such as black, gray, white, brown, and natural colors. Even so, these neutral colors can usually blend into any design. In other words, wherever you place the furnishing, it can help beautify your room.

Being flexible as a material makes it liked by the craftsmen. This flexibility allows you to have many choices of models to complement the furnishing in your home. For example, it can be used as chairs and tables in square, round, or other shapes.

Another Excellence of Rattan Furniture Indonesia

Being relatively cheap price compared to other materials is one of the advantages of rattan. Even though it is priced at a price that is not too expensive, that does not make it cheap. The quality of the furnishing is no less good than the quality of the furnishing made of solid wood.

It can also be cared for easily, especially when compared to other furnishing made of Rattan furniture Indonesia. Just use a soft cloth and ordinary soap to clean the furnishing. To reach small nooks and crannies, you can use a small brush. Most people choose rattan because the it is known to be resistant to weather.

Therefore, many people use it to beautify their patio or garden on the back porch. It’s very lecture, it easy to move or move anywhere. Even so, it remains strong and is not easily damaged. Thus, this material is often used by many furniture companies to create their products.

Rattan furniture Indonesia have material is sustainable, so it is good for the environment especially for the conservation. This plant is a cultivable crop. It only takes two years to be fully grown and ready to be harvested. Because it’s ready quicker than other trees such as teak that takes up to thirty years, it becomes popular for furniture.

Rattan Furniture Ideas for Home

Usually, a set of rattan furniture Indonesia can be used to decorate your outdoor garden or patio at home. One set usually consists of a table, chairs, and a stool. The ingredients can be various, usually using synthetic ones because it stands the changing weather better than the natural ones.

Outdoor furnishing needs to be provided with a garden umbrella to provide shade so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight or rainwater which can accelerate the damage to the furnishing. The outdoor dining room can also use furniture sets to create a natural looking appearance.

Because of its advantages, it’s no wonder that the furnishings is in great demand by the world community. From the looks to its strength, it is suitable for furnishing, whether its indoor or outdoor. Rattan furniture Indonesia has even become prominent in foreign countries because of its excellent quality at competitive prices.

Rattan furniture indonesia

Rattan Furniture Suppliers

Not all types of rattan are used by rattan furniture suppliers to make furniture. The processed rattan products are various, there are rattan handicrafts, rattan furniture and rattan woven which are used as mats or traditional musical instruments.

Almost all functions of wood can be replaced by rattan except for building construction. The result that is most replaced is furniture. One of the reasons why rattan is widely used for furniture is because it is flexible.

It’s been known to grow to hundreds of meters and more than 70% of the world’s population grows in Indonesia. This plant is known to be easier to harvest than woods, makes it the best substitute to woods.

Know the Types of Rattan Used by Rattan Furniture Suppliers

Not all types of rattan can be processed into furniture and are good for outdoor use. Several types of rattan break easily because they are of different types. On the other hand, rattan also has advantages in terms of flexibility.

Jernang Besar has another name Daemonorops draco Blume, it is commonly found in Sumatra and used by rattan furniture suppliers. The color is yellowish – brown with a shiny appearance. Its size can be around 18 – 35 cm long with a diameter of 12 mm.

Another type is Dahanan, which has the Latin name Korthalsia flagellaris Miq, is commonly found in Sumatra and Kalimantan. The growth of this plant is found in swamps. When it is ready to harvest, it can reach 50 meters in length with a diameter of 15 – 30 mm.

It is quite difficult to harvest because of its length and its clumping growth. It has rough texture and its color is brown. Next is the pitcher rattan which has the Latin name Calamus optimus Becc.

It is widely planted in riverbank areas at 100 – 300 m. The areas used to cultivate are Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Sumatra, and common used by rattan furniture suppliers to create furnishing products.

The size of it can reach 40 meters and the shape is strong, very resilient. The diameter of the stem is 12 – 44 mm and the internode length is 20 – 30. Similar to Dahanan, its clump growth of up to 60 stems makes it quite difficult to harvest.

Finishing is Required for Rattan Furniture

Finishing is necessary to increase the selling power of furnishings made by rattan furniture suppliers. This step is very important, because without it, the furniture won’t look attractive and it won’t get the protection that is needed.

The finishing must use the right paint material, the surface of the rattan is quite slippery, but at its end, there are pores that must be closed. The surface is different from wood which has more pores.

The finishing can use solid colors or natural colors, this choice depends on taste. If you want to display the furniture to look natural, then choose a finish that uses natural colors such as varnish.

Varnish alone is not enough to give the furnishings a sharper color. You also need a wood stain application, which is a natural color that is applied to sharpen natural fibers. This step is done by rattan furniture suppliers to increase the quality of rattan products.

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Rattan furniture suppliers

Rattan Furniture Producers

Chairs created by rattan furniture producers are not only for classic and simple themed home designs, but now it is increasingly in demand for minimalist, modern and luxurious homes. The designs are increasingly developing over time.

Natural furnishing with a simple yet unique design will create a relaxing and comfortable vibes to your homes. In fact, various choices of beautiful designs can be selected to beautify your dream home.

Of the hundreds of rattan species in Indonesia, of course, not all are good for furnishing. This plant that is used for furniture is a type of material produced from the processing of certain rattan plants so that it can be used as raw material for good household furnishing.

The Best Type of Rattan Used by Rattan Furniture Producers

Of the various types of rattan, the one that is often used is the Pietriet rattan. This type is the core of the plant, resembling a stick with a length of up to 6 meters. Commonly used in the weaving process to cover furnishing or baskets.

Next is the Core rattan which comes from small rattan plants such as Kubu, Sega, Jawit, etc that is often used by rattan furniture producers. It is very flexible, easy to absorb color and light. Usually woven for decoration on furnishings, elbows and frame some baskets.

Lasio / Peel is also often used because it is flexible when immersed in water, cannot absorb color, breaks easily if bent. In furnishing, this mat is used to cover and beautify the connection of the rattan frame and support to strengthen the holder on the frame.

The next type is Sanned Peel Rattan. This material comes from the core of the plant which is thinly cut to resemble a lasio / peel. It is easy to absorb color and has the same characteristics as pitriet rattan. The last one is rattan sticks. This section is usually used for the frame structure of furnishing by the rattan furniture producers. It has a large diameter and low flexibility.

There are also some other kind of rattan. You can read it here

Rattan Furniture Care Tips of the Type

People still love this type of furnishings, the reason is it offers its own uniqueness for its enthusiasts. The form of rattan which has a complex structure and unique looking rattan fibers is the reason why this rattan furniture is the right choice to fill your home.

The use of furniture made of rattan from rattan furniture producers can have a relatively long life, you know. However, there are things that make it needs extra care compared to other furniture materials. The number of empty gaps makes the dirt quickly enter and quickly build up as well.

The webbing form has many hiding areas, making you need extra ways to clean it. Therefore, you can use a small brush to get rid of the dust that sticks to the furniture. You can clean it using soft brush so you won’t scratch its surface.

You can also clean using a vacuum cleaner. Choose a vacuum cleaner with long hairy ends. Of course, this hairy vacuum cleaner will make it easier for you to clean and reach the dust in the crevices. This way you can keep the furnishings from rattan furniture producers nice and clean.

Rattan Furniture Producers

Rattan Furniture Manufacturers

Rattan furniture manufacturers usually provide a variety of furniture made from rattan, be it standard quality to the best quality. Besides the natural ones, manufacturers usually also provide synthetic material. However, in terms of quality, of course, it will be very different.
This is a kind of thorny plant that is often used for woods’ substitute. The natural ones has a strong characteristic, while the synthetic ones is superior in design. Both has the same durability depends on where you put them.
One of the furniture that comes from this plant and is usually found is chairs. Rattan chairs are not only in demand by households but are also in great demand by hotels, cafés and offices. It has so many benefits that many people love using this type of furniture for their decor.

The Superiority of Chairs Produced by Rattan Furniture Manufacturers

Chairs and other furniture are often used as the best option especially in places with a high level of mobility. This is because it’s lightweight so they are easy to slide or move. Even so, it’s still strong and not easily damaged, especially those made of natural materials.
It also able to provide a natural touch from its color and the webbing will add aesthetic look to your decor. As additional information, often woven rattan chairs are inherited from generation to generation of craftsmen. Another plus is the furniture produced by rattan furniture manufacturers environmentally friendly.
The plants are very easy to cultivate and maintain and are fast in the harvesting process. This is also the reason why it is very good to cultivate plants for the preservation of the environment. The material does not absorb air, so it is very easy to clean from dirty and very little cost.
To clean the chairs produced by Rattan furniture manufacturers, you only need to wipe or scrape off the dirt that has dried and stuck to it. In addition, if there is damage to the chair webbing, you only need to replace the woven on the damaged part, it doesn’t need to be entire.

Rattan Chairs Designs for Home Furniture

The flexible characteristic makes it possible to create various designs. The products produced by rattan furniture also have unique woven shapes, so it will give your décor a nice ethnic vibes.
A simpler design often found in a modern style, unlike the classic that tends to look more complex woven. Since the modern ones are design ergonomically, it usually feels more comfortable because it’s less rigid.
In general, the seats on modern chairs produced by rattan furniture manufacturers are no longer covered with woven, but a cushion or placemat in the form of soft foam. That way, anyone will feel comfortable sitting on it. This modern – style chair is also suitable to be combined with various decorations or ornamental plants.
The last one is a contemporary style chair, which is a chair whose design is always up to date. This style usually looks up to date, uses efficient material and looks simple yet trendy. Contemporary chairs can also come in various colors.
With the flexible nature of the material and the expertise of the craftsmen, it can look fancier. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are in great demand by consumers, so many rattan furniture manufacturers produce furniture of various designs and qualities.

rattan furniture manufacturers

rattan furniture manufacturers

Rattan Furniture Manufacturers Indonesia

How can you find rattan furniture manufacturers in Indonesia?

Rattan furniture manufacturers are companies that manufacture rattan furniture either from natural rattan or synthetic rattan. There are some countries that manufacture rattan furniture such as Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. However the biggest producer of rattan furniture is Indonesia. It is because more than 85 % of rattan trees grow in Indonesia forest.

In Indonesia, rattan trees grow in 3 big islands : Sumatera, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. Eventhough the rattan trees grows outside java island, however the center for rattan industry is still located in Java Island. It is because Java Island still provides the best infrastructure for any industry including rattan industry to grow. There are Several cities in JavaIsland that become the center of rattan industry : there are Solo, Cirebon and Surabaya. Cirebon city untill now is the biggest rattan industry area in Indonesia. Therefore most of rattan furniture buyers come to Cirebon looking for for rattan furniture suppliers.

Cirebon city is located on the North East part of West Java Province. The distance between Jakarta and Cirebon city is around 220 km. We can go to Cirebon either by car or train from Jakarta. By car it takes 2.5 – 3 hours to get to Cirebon depend on the traffic. By train you can reach to Cirebon in 3 hours from Jakarta. For train ticket, there are two type of train ticket class : Executive and Economy class. Both classes are now Air Conditioned. However Executive class is more comfortable with reclining seat.

Mitra Berkah Abadi is one of the rattan furniture manufacturer in Indonesia. The company is also located in Cirebon city. The company can produce both natural and synthetic rattan furniture. Buyer can order minimum 1 x 40 ft container with mix items inside. This is a good deal for small client because the client can order several models or design in 1 container. Clients also can order custom product based on their design. For more information you can contact Mitra Berkah Abadi and we hope you have a good time when you visit Cirebon city.

rattan furniture manufacturers indonesia

rattan furniture manufacturers indonesia