Rattan Synthetic

Rattan Synthetic Made In Indonesia

Rattan synthetic is a product produced to replace the function of original rattan which is made from plastic raw materials or synthetic materials, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

The lifestyle of the community is increasingly giving rise to the latest innovations. Including the innovation of furniture items including raw materials. This innovation can meet the global market demand for rattan products.

Both of these materials are processed by the manufacturer through a manufacturing process to produce artificial rattan strands. From this process, several rattan synthetic such as poly strap is produced which are wide and flat in shape.

In addition, there is also a round artificial rattan called polycore. And lastly, there is artificial rattan which is often called craftsman with polypeel. Polypeel is artificial rattan in the shape of a semi-circle.

In terms of price, rattan made from PVC is much cheaper than natural rattan. This is due to the production costs and the cost of rattan made from PVC which can be considered quite cheap.

In addition to low production costs, rattan is preferred by craftsmen because it is easy to process. Weaving into various shapes is easy to make, that PVC rattan is weather-resistant and has a lighter weight and easy maintenance.

Rattan Synthetic Production for Furniture Craftsmen

Genuine rattan raw materials are usually purchased from agents with prices ranging from Rp. 80,000, -/kg. Meanwhile, the need to make rattan-based furniture or accessories for each product is different. It all depends on the type of product and its design.

For example, for the manufacture of 1 standard-sized room sketch, craftsmen need approximately 15 kg of rattan. The manufacture of 1 unit of chair/table requires 4-5 kg ​​of rattan on average.

When compared to the price of the original rattan above, the price of artificial rattan can be much more economical. Because artificial rattan is sold at a price of Rp. 40.000,-/Kg. Both real rattan and rattan synthetic each have advantages and disadvantages.

In the following, we describe the advantages and disadvantages of rattan synthetic compared to real rattan. The following are the advantages of this rattan compared to natural rattan, which is that it has more varied colors.

In addition, artificial rattan also has a flexible and lightweight structure. It is very necessary to shape and weave rattan material so that it becomes the furniture design desired by the craftsmen.

Disadvantages of Rattan Synthetic Compared to Natural Rattan

Of course, both natural rattan and artificial rattan have their own weaknesses and shortcomings. Both judged from the shape, price, texture, and durability have their respective advantages.

One of the advantages of artificial rattan is that the material is made more durable and more durable. This will be an added value because the weather in indonesia is quite extreme. This is because of the anti-corrosion properties of artificial rattan.

In addition to having many advantages offered, this artificial rattan also has several weaknesses, namely, when it is burned it will produce chemicals. Although the chemical substances produced are not dangerous, it is preferable to choose rattan with hdpe material.

In addition, the strength of artificial rattan will decrease due to its lightweight. Artificial rattan products are also not strong enough to support the load. To overcome this, craftsmen can combine artificial rattan with wooden, iron, or aluminum structural designs.

After knowing about natural and artificial rattan, handicraft connoisseurs can choose according to their needs. Due to the gradual decrease in the amount of natural rattan, craftsmen often use rattan synthetic.

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Rattan Synthetic

Home Furniture

Home Furniture Indonesia 

Home Furniture Indonesia is in great demand and has succeeded in penetrating the international market. This is the statement conveyed in the release of the Indonesian Embassy in BERN. It is a best seller in Switzerland, especially those with high quality and guaranteed quality.

Some types of furniture that are favored by the Swiss people are furniture made of natural wood and resistant to weather changes. Likewise, the principles of sustainable production and community development are also a concern for consumers in Switzerland.

The Indonesian Embassy in Switzerland held a meeting with the Living Dreams company, Muliaman Hadad. The meeting was attended by various importers and the meeting was on a large scale in Meilien.

Apart from Meilen, there are several other branches of this company, namely Zurich and Mallocra. The meeting, which was held between Ambassador Muliaman and Living Dreams, was aimed at strengthening the partnership network in terms of doing business.

In addition, this event also aims to promote the 36th Trade Expo Indonesia Digital Edition and will be held on October 21-4, 2021 in Indonesia. This activity will carry the theme “Reviving Global Trade”.

Indonesia Home Furniture in the Eyes of Foreign Countries

By holding this meeting, it is hoped that there will be the dissemination of information related to the Indonesia-EFTA CEPA agreement. In addition, there are benefits from the implementation of Indonesia’s EFTA-CEPA.

The living dreams company makes large-scale purchases of furniture from Indonesia. This has happened for about 15 years, especially on the islands of Lombok, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta. This benefits all Indonesian craftsmen because their products are worldwide.

The main concept of this collaboration is to provide orders as well as designs and materials to wood craftsmen. Then the craftsmen will import and sell them in the international market, more precisely in Switzerland or other European countries.

Living Dreams also sells Indonesia home furniture in airports, spas, hotels, restaurants, offices, showrooms in Switzerland and other countries in Europe. The variety of furniture products purchased from Indonesia are selling well.

In addition to products made of wood, this company also produces products made of natural stone and bronze, such as home decor products. Approximately 80% of the majority of furniture products sold and home decor come from Indonesia.

Indonesia Home Furniture Companies in Various Parts of the World

One of the furniture companies that import goods from Indonesia is Living Dream. The owner of living dream stated that during the pandemic the sales of his furniture products increased by 20 percent.

This is because people in Switzerland spend a lot of money on travel and use it to decorate their homes and they also spend more time at home. This is also one of them contributing to increasing the value of Indonesia home furniture imports to Switzerland.

For information, the value of furniture trade in semester 1-2021. This furniture managed to occupy the 6th position for main commodities from Indonesia to Switzerland with a value of USD 12.28 million from January – June 2021. This value is up 17% compared to January – June 2020, which is worth $9.87 million.

It is evident that furniture companies in various foreign countries have started to import goods from Indonesia. The international community considers that Indonesia has very amazing art, especially in Indonesia home furniture.

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Home Furniture


Rattan Indonesia

Indonesian Rattan is known in various countries around the world. Many foreign tourists vacation in Indonesia to see works of art made by Indonesian craftsmen. One of the works is made of rattan.

Amid the scarcity of rattan raw materials, the furniture business continues to thrive. Humans can not be separated from the furniture. This problem is considered a classic problem, the answer is entangled entrepreneurs and craftsmen related to rattan raw materials.

Indonesia is the largest rattan-producing country in the world and is known as Indonesian rattan. Cirebon is the center of the national rattan industry. The city of Cirebon is also experiencing a shortage of rattan raw materials. This is due to the scarcity of these raw materials.

Handicraft lovers are experiencing a crisis of rattan raw materials. However, furniture and related goods entrepreneurs have understood this. This scarcity was mentioned by one of the furniture entrepreneurs at the Indonesia Furniture Expo.

Indonesian Rattan is Still Sold Ilegally

The Indonesian president said that the government must find a way so that rattan from Indonesian raw materials are always available. This is because there are still many illegal exports. Then in the purchase of industrial machinery, the control must be tightened again.

For craftsmen, the permission letter must be facilitated. In addition, the Indonesian president said that taxes for ports to send goods such as Indonesian rattan raw materials should be reduced. That way the government helps Indonesian craftsmen.

Regarding the port problem, Petros sees the existence of a port in Cirebon as being very important because of tourism and costs. So far, to send their goods, entrepreneurs in Cirebon have to go through the Tanjung Priok Port in Jakarta.

To send their goods, Cirebon entrepreneurs have to go through the Tanjung Priok port. It will take quite a long time. Meanwhile, even though they have gone through this procedure, the craftsmen also have to take a long time.

It takes a long time to wait for the ship to arrive. Not to mention the costs that will be incurred by entrepreneurs. Therefore, if a port is built-in Cirebon, it will control the time and costs that will be incurred by the craftsmen.

The Process of Making Indonesian Rattan Crafts

Several foreign nationals living in Indonesia stated that handmade crafts are an industry that has a large enough market share. Although in its development, the craft industry has been facilitated.

In terms of equipment, for example, cutting machines and movers for flexing rattan. However, there are still many craftsmen who still maintain traditional equipment by burning to flex the rattan to be made handicrafts.

The question arises why buyers are still interested in these handicrafts. The answer to this is very simple, there are still many connoisseurs of handwork who appreciate these results.

Moreover, there is added value from the results of handicraft products compared to products made using machines. An interesting and natural touch is produced from hand-crafted products. There is a long process to make these crafts.

That’s why the furniture business made by hand must always refer to product quality and customer service capabilities. Service here is related to speed, convenience, and handling customer complaints. Coupled with traditional Indonesian rattan.

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Furniture Manufacturer

Furniture Manufacturer in Indonesia

The furniture manufacturer in Indonesia is quite familiar in the international market. They are known for their quality in making many kinds of products from several materials.

It can be seen in various different cities in that country. The examples are in Semarang, Jepara, Jakarta, and many more again. They come with their own characteristic and unique things.

Besides that, there are still some other reasons of why you should use their service. Below is the further details and information of that industry. Check them out to make a best decision.

Furniture Manufacturer in Indonesia and their Products

Let us talk about the product first. Indonesia is a tropical country that has abundant stocks of raw materials from the nature or from the other sources. It is a plus value to use.

That is why; the manufacturers can fulfill the needs of the international export industries with so many products. Those are like the teak wood, nature stones, rattan, and many more again.

They are made with the proper process and high quality results since the raw materials used are good as well. They are usually really strong, durable, and can stay for many years.

The reason like that makes the international market trusts the furniture manufacturer in Indonesia. It makes the country has more opportunity to get the income from that sector.

The results or items are also durable. They are water resistance and can resist the termite attack. That is why; you can use it for both; the exterior or interior spaces at home.

The Typical Craft and Designs

This country is so rich of culture and traditions. You can say that each province or maybe cities there have their own unique thing to see. That is then adapted in the furniture products used.

It is especially for the items made from wood. The crafts are so typical and looked really complicated at the same time. Usually, the designs will be more complicated if they are handmade.

You can say that they have the high artistic value because it is made by the well-experienced craftsmen. Usually, it is not only a design, but also having the own story and philosophy behind it.

Those complicated crafts look really smooth and perfect. The furniture manufacturer in Indonesia always do a really great job which is hard to do by the other competitors.

The Competitive Prices

The furniture manufacturer in Indonesia always comes with the competitive prices. It means that the priced are ranging from the affordable up to the expensive one which has the speciality.

That is why; the consumers may choose the ones based on their needs and budget. Don’t worry since the goods can be delivered worldwide to reach the international customers.

Since it is for the international export market, the look of the furniture is so elegant and classy. You can get a thick touch of Indonesia for your properties such as a house, hotel, etc.

People love it after their impression of coming to this country. That is why; the furniture manufacturer in Indonesia always ready to give the best products for all.

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Furniture Manufacturer

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan furniture for every garden

Your garden is a sanctuary, a place of harmony and repose. So why not add to its beauty with our stylish, durable and affordable rattan garden furniture?

Our rattan garden furniture is affordable and durable, with natural materials that make all our pieces perfect for any outdoor living set

Come home to your garden

We have all the styles you need to compliment your garden. From traditional to contemporary, we have a wide range of furniture in a variety of shapes and sizes.

We also accept custom design. You just need to send us pciture and we can make the furniture from it. 


Outdoor living at its finest

With our natural look and color, the furniture blends beautifully with your surroundings to create a natural look in your garden. It can also withstand all weather conditions so you can leave it outside year-round.

The rattan that lasts for years

Our rattan furniture is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. The natural color will age beautifully with time; no need for paint or sanding, just polish the furniture every now and then to keep it looking good as new.


Live like royalty on a budget:

We make it easy on you by offering affordable prices without sacrificing quality or style. You get what you pay for: long lasting furniture that will make you live like royalty on a budget!

The weather can’t spoil your style

With Outdoor Rattan, you never have to worry about the harsh sun and rain ruining your furniture. Our lovely rattan garden furniture is made from long-lasting materials and will last for years with minimal maintenance.

We offer long lasting products with durable qualities so you don’t have any worries about it breaking down in less than a year. With all-weather rattan furniture that doesn’t fade when exposed to sunlight or rain, you can be sure that it will stand the test of time. Plus, when it comes to cleaning – there’s really no need since these pieces are low maintenance and only need a quick wipe over when necessary.

Design that you can’t beat

Rattanmeuble.com offers a variety of designs and colors for our rattan garden furniture. Not only do we want our products to last, but we want them to look beautiful as well!

Functional and stylish, our rattan furniture will transform any outdoor living space into one that’s truly your own. And with our wide range of styles, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste. Ideal for summer evenings spent sipping drinks in your backyard or hosting BBQs with friends, choosing the right garden furniture is key to creating a space you’ll love to spend time in.


Modern Rattan Garden Furniture with a natural look and color

Rattanmeuble.com gives modern furnishing with a natural, earthy feel. Whether it’s for your formal garden area or just an outdoor hangout spot, Rattanmeuble has the perfect set of furnishings for you. Rattanmeuble is the latest way to furnish your outdoor space. We believe that you should be able to enjoy your garden furniture all year round without worrying about the weather or upkeep.

Rattanmeuble.com also one of furniture manufacturer located in Cirebon, West Java, Province. The company produce rattan furniture both made of natural and synthetic rattan. 

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Rattan Garden Furniture