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Rattan Furniture from Cirebon Indonesia

Rattan furniture has been around for centuries, but it’s only in recent years that it has become popular in the Western world. Rattan is a type of palm that grows in the tropical forests of Indonesia. The rattan plant is strong and flexible, which makes it the perfect material for furniture. Rattan furniture is often made without using any nails or screws. Instead, the rattan is woven into intricate designs. This type of furniture is not only beautiful, but it’s also durable and long-lasting. If you’re looking for rattan furniture for your home, you can find it online or in specialty stores. But before you buy, there are a few things you should know about rattan furniture from Cirebon Indonesia. Those things make Rattan Cirebon among the best in the world.

Cirebon , city of Art

Cirebon is a city in the West Java province of Indonesia. It is located on the north coast of the island of Java, in the heart of the Sunda Kingdom. The city has a long history as a center of Javanese culture and art, dating back to the 14th century. Today, Cirebon is known for its traditional rattan furniture, which is made by skilled artisans using techniques passed down through generations.

Rattan furniture from Cirebon is some of the most beautiful and well-made in the world. The city’s artisans have perfected the art of crafting rattan into intricate designs that are both functional and stylish. Whether you’re looking for a new coffee table or a set of dining chairs, you’ll be able to find it in Cirebon.

If you’re interested in purchasing rattan furniture, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, it’s important to choose a piece that fits your personal style. There are many different designs available, so take your time to browse until you find something you love.

Second, make sure to buy from a reputable source. There are many fake or low-quality replicas on the market, so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase. A good way to ensure that you’re getting authentic Cirebon rattan furniture is to buy

Cirebon city central rattan Industry

The city of Cirebon in Indonesia is well known for its rattan furniture industry. The city has a long history of producing high quality rattan furniture and it is still one of the leading producers of rattan furniture in the country.

Cirebon city central rattan industry produces a wide variety of rattan furniture such as chairs, tables, beds, cabinets, and many others. The furniture is made from high quality Rattan that is sourced from the surrounding forests. The Rattan is then processed and treated to make it durable and strong.

The furniture produced by Cirebon city central rattan industry is of very high quality and it is exported to many countries around the world. The industry provides employment to a large number of people in the city and its surrounding areas.

Rattan furniture from Cirebon goes Worldwide

Rattan furniture from Cirebon, Indonesia has been growing in popularity around the world in recent years. This traditional Indonesian furniture is made from rattan, a type of palm tree, and is known for its beautiful craftsmanship and durability.

Rattan furniture is perfect for any home or office. It is stylish and timeless, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Rattan furniture is also very sturdy and long-lasting, making it a great investment for your home or office.

If you are looking for high-quality, beautiful rattan furniture, Cirebon is the place to go. With its wide selection of rattan furniture, the city has something to suit every taste and budget. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping for your perfect piece of rattan furniture today here !

Rattan Cirebon

Terrace Furniture

The first impressions of your house it’s come to the front terrace of your house, unrealizing most people are forget to decor their terrace house, they are just focus on the interior décor. No wonder, a comfortable living room, dining room, kitchen, and bath room is a big wishes for every family because they are planning to make a home sweet home that fit their dreams. Consequently, terrace furniture is also important furniture in your house to be paid attention. Rattan Terrace Set can be considered as an alternative furniture in the terrace area.

House is the place for you and family to live, besides that we are human is a social beings, we will interacting with another people, there will be a moment when someone come to your house, whether it siblings, friends, neighbour, work colleague, etc.

Front Terrace is the first view of what your guest think about your house, it’s transition from the outside to the house. The guest that visit your home have many reason, purpose, and time. So you can put a furniture like tables and chairs at your front terrace, it has purpose to receiving a guest, thing that you know that sometimes your guest have a limited time, and just want to talk outside rather than talking inside you house.

It’s like an efficient way to create a mini living room for your home, since you can use your front terrace for enjoy a free time together with your family. Coffee, Cigaretes (if you are a smoker), and book.

The decoration of terrace house has a various style, but mostly people decide to use natural style for their terrace house decoration, because it giving peace and comfortable atmosphere for them.

The natural terrace decoration should be support with Enviromentally Friendly Furniture, light furniture which easily to carry and move (movable object). The light furniture is made you easily customize the decoration, same like the thing that we are always find, get a new vibes and experience.

CV Mitra Berkah Abadi is Rattan furniture exporter, manufacturer, & supplier based in Cirebon, Indonesia. We have our own local concept or design, also we are receiving all custom design for every Rattan furniture product.

Rattan Furniture Inspiration – Terrace Set Edition

In this article we are giving you a reference about rattan furniture terrace set and the accessories that might be suitable for your home decoration.

  1. Pelangi Terrace Set.
Pelangi Terrace Set

Classic style with dark brown finishing color and perfect size, make this terrace set looks suitable with every terrace decoration.

There is lot of another rattan furniture inspiration like living room, dining room, rattan accessories, etc. Get more reference of rattan furniture with read our other article.

Rattan Furniture, Environmental Friendly Furniture

The growth of human population in this world, has an impacted to increasing basic and complimentary human necessities, which one of the necessities is furniture.

Unrealizing furniture has become a part of human life, you will see furniture in every house because the function of furniture itself is to support human activity.

The category of furniture is; dining room set, living room set, bedroom set, kitchen set, office furniture, and school furniture. But we are facing a problem because lot of people prefer to using wood furniture as their home decoration, rather than find an alternatives from the wood fruniture.

According to data from the Ministry of Industry in 2011, Currently, the supply of raw materials from natural forests is decreasing due to rampant illegal activities logging and illegal trade (Ministry of Industry, 2011). This is added to the many wood farmer who moves alone outside the shade government. There is a boycott of tropical timber and ecolabel demands from environmentalists which affects big buyers and causes restrictions on the use of wood materials, one of which is for furniture products (Ministry of Industry, 2011). Thus, even if the request the largest is in wood raw materials, but this demand cannot be fulfilled.

Considering Rattan As Your Furniture Necessities

Rattan is a group of palms from the Calameae clan (tribus) which has a habitus climbers, especially Calamus, Daemonorops, and Oncocalamus. Calameae clan itself consists of about six hundred members, with a distribution area in the tropical Africa, Asia and Australia.

Rattan has several advantages over wood, such as light, strong, elastic/easy to shape, and cheap. The elastic character that makes rattan attractive for making various types of material kinds of craft and furniture products. Because rattan has flexible properties, there are various advantages in processing it into a furniture product. Rattan can be pasted using glue and can be combined with other materials by nailing.

Rattan It’s environmentall friendly furniture that isn’t causing deforestation of the planet, because fast growth. This plant can grow to enter the harvest period within two years. In order to cultivate rattan, we must protect tropical forests. Because rattan only grows vines on the trees. To harvest rattan, we don’t cut down the trees, we have to protect them.

Some rattans secrete sap (resin) from the flower stalks. This sap it is red in color and is known in trade as dragon’s blood. This resin used to color the violin or as meni (Red paint that is applied as a base layer on the surface of an item before painting).

So Rattan Furniture could be the best choice for you when you have a plan to buy some furniture for your new home or just want to replacing the old ones. The unit can easily be adapted to the production of a wide range of different designs

We are CV Mitra Berkah Abadi; Rattan furniture exporter, manufacturer, & supplier based in Cirebon, Indonesia. We have our own local concept or design, also we are receiving all custom design for every Rattan furniture product.

Rattan Environment Friendly Furniture

Cane Furniture

Cane Furniture For Your Home

Do you think that the cane furniture is what makes sense to have nowadays? On every condition and purpose, rattan cane materials can fulfill everything. Especially when it comes to the moment to take care of it, it’s not complicated, but have to be done accordingly.

If you no longer hesitate to spend money to get the best material, we don’t rush to ask you to buy expensive materials. But what we want you to have is something made of rattan, a natural material.

Feel for yourself what is the difference between this material and others, because even in good or bad condition, this rattan material is not easily damaged. You can already imagine that buying rattan is cost-effective, but with a note, you can care for it properly.

It doesn’t need any kind of routine maintenance. But when cleaning it, you need to take the right steps, so that the entire area of the chair made of rattan can provide comfort. You certainly don’t want to sit in a broken chair, do you?

Taking Care of Your Cane Furniture, but How?

We will remind you that this rattan is not a material that is easily damaged or broken on the sides, but if it is cared for, the longevity of using this chair also increases. So that you can get it, then there are specific ways to take care of the cane furniture that you have, such as:

1. Buy Some Covers for the Chair

First of all, you need to buy some covers to upholster that chair. Especially if you are installing it outdoors, then all you need to do is put covers on it. The reason you need to invest in a cover is so that the cane furniture can be protected from moisture.

2. Keep the Materials Clean

Next, you also have to make sure that all the furniture made of rattan is clean. For example, if there is dust, then immediately use a vacuum so it doesn’t stick too long. Especially if there are food stains, clean them immediately!

3. Protect Cane Furniture from Direct Sun

That’s what the cane furniture cover we mentioned earlier is for. You need to protect this chair from direct sun as it can retract and the exposure to UV Rays, right to makes the rattan stiffer. Some even lost shape because they were hit by the direct sun.

4. Repair Cracks

Even if there is a scratch or a slight crack, then as much as possible, immediately fix it. The cane furniture can be repaired using the staining method or wiping oil in any way so that the surface returns to normal.

5. Wash it with Unpressurized Water

If you want to wash the chair, you must first make sure the use of water is not pressurized. Because the pressurized water often makes the cells in the chair thinner. Especially on the side of the chair leg, it could be broken by pressurized water.

Therefore, now you know how to take care of this chair you have. So, what are you waiting for, and what if you start buying it right now? This cane furniture will provide benefits that you cannot find in other materials.

Rattanmeuble also produce cane furniture for home and industry. For more information the the products you can contact use here.

Cane Furniture

Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer

The Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer Provide World With Home Furniture

The Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer can be found in several cities in that country. We know that Indonesia is a tropical country which has the abundant stocks of materials.

It is especially those who can be taken from the nature. In order to not destroy the forests there, the government and third parties start to plant the areas for the production needs.

So far, there are two types of the manufacturers which you may note. The first one is the big scale corporation which uses the machines for their production process.

The second one is known as the home made which is usually has a smaller range. Below is the further information and details about this Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer

The Mass Production

The products that are mass produced or made by machine manufacturers are basically made from start to finish by machines. Gently, they use the mechanical devices for everything.

The main benefit obtained is that the manufacture of the product is very fast when compared to others. The other products are also very similar. That is why; it can fulfill the high demand

A much more affordable price if the demand is very high, it will increase mass production from various countries such as India and China. One of the goals is to meet home design and renovation needs.

The Handmade Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer

Handmade products is a part of the unique art in modern times. This type of method is more labor intensive and generally related to the high-end custom Items.

Other countries that are more famous for their own hand-produced products such as England, Italy, Germany and France. The country of Australia lately is also known for its goods and even known to all corners of the world.

The handmade Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer is basically, one creates and assembles products by hand. There is a huge focus on care and delivering the best results.

They come with the perfect design, the right size and color. Furthermore, they also have the best wood materials and so on. However, the production time is usually longer.

Which Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer to Choose?

It is for sure that you have to answer the question above. Generally, everything depends on your conditions and budget. The mass production is suitable if you want the quick results.

That is recommended for those who are following the trend and want to have the precision shape. Don’t worry because the quality is good as well since they have the quality control staff.

Mean while, handmade is more suitable if you want the authenticness. Usually, it is for those who love the custom results with the specific design which is different from the other.

How about the Quality?

Talking about the quality, everything depends on the Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer that you choose. As long as they use the best material and proper process, the quality will be good.

It can be seen from the price too. The high – quality items always have the higher price and it is normal. You have to look at the specs and make sure that the price is reasonable.

So, the choice is yours. So far, the Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer always give the best results with the international standard quality which is perfect for the export market.

Rattanmeuble also one of Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer from Cirebon, West Java Province, Indonesia. For more information regarding order you can contact us

Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer