Rattan furniture become common thing to most people. Rattan furniture has been widely used in residences and public places. Many people may only know the form of a rattan furniture without knowing the manufacturing process.

You need to know that a raw rattan has many processes before it can be formed into a furniture. This series of processes is done so that the rattan has good quality and can stay for a long time. After going through a long and difficult process, rattan can be formed into beautiful furniture as you use.

The first process is a frying process, which is frying newly harvested rattan. This is done to remove the water contained in rattan. If the rattan contains a lot of water it will cause pests that will affect the quality of the rattan. The process of rattan frying does not use ordinary cooking oil but uses diesel and coconut oil.

After frying process, the second process is rubbing process. The aim of this process to remove the remaining dirt on the rattan. The process is after the rattan is drained, the rattan will be rubbed using coconut fiber or a rag. After rubbing the rattan, it will look clean and bright.

The third process is drying. The process is the final process in removing water content in rattan. This can be done by drying the rattan in the sun. The water content must reach its lowest point of around 15% -19%.

After the rattan is dried, the rattan will go through the fourth process, namely stripping. Dry rattan has skin fibers and must be removed by passing the stripping process. This is also done so that the rattan has a similar size.

The fifth process is smoking. This process will take 12 hours. This process is carried out if the dried rattan still has natural fibers. The fumigation process uses sulfur gas in order to make the rattan shiny.

The next process is preservation of rattan using chemicals. The use of chemicals is used to protect rattan from natural destructive organisms. Destructive organisms will make rattan faster damaged and not durable.

The last process is bending or bending. This can be done according to the needs of the production process. The techinuque is to put the rattan into hot steam and then bend it with a curved device.

The process above is a basic process of rattan before it can be formed into a furniture. After passing through the basic process, the rattan will be formed according to the design that has been determined. To make beautiful rattan furniture requires a long and not easy effort.