When you hear the word rattan always related to furniture. People often find rattan furniture in various places and rarely find rattan as a food. So, how rattan can be used as a dish? In North Sumatra there is a dish made from rattan shoots called pakat.
Pakat is a typical dish from Medan or precisely the Mandailing area. During the month of Ramadan, pakat is popular as food for sahur and breaking fast. Pakat considered increase appetite for the customers.
Pakat has a bitter taste when we consume it but the taste still acceptable by the tongue. Pakat also does not leave bad smell like petai or jengkol. The community is often serve pakat as a vegetable. Rattan shoots has soft-textured so they are easy to consume.
To process rattan shoots is quite easy. Cut the rattan shoots for one meter long and then burn them for half an hour using charcoal or coconut shells. White sap will come out after rattan shoots already cooked. Peel the skin of rattan shoots then take the shoot bodies. Cut the body of the rattan shoots 10 cm long.
In Medan, it is easy to get rattan shoots. You can easily find it on the food stall or restaurant. The price for getting pakat is very affordable. Just spent Rp.10.000, you can bring back 5 packs of pakat that have been burned and peeled. Pakat customers increased during Ramadan. One thousand stems of pakat sold every day during the month of Ramadan.
Pakat apparently has several health benefits. People believe that Pakat can cure diseases such as diabetes, malaria and high blood pressure. For people who have diabetes, better consuming pakat without rice.
Unfortunately, pakat is still hard to find outside Kalimantan and Sumatra. This is because Kalimantan and Sumatra are the original habitat of rattan plants. In other areas, there is only rattan for furniture raw materials that human cannot consume. If you visit Medan you must try pakat because this dish will be difficult to find in other cities.