Rattan Kids Chair Exporter is manufacturer or producer of rattan chair made from rattan. The model or design is the same as adult chair. However the size is smaller, dedicated for the kids.

Below is sample of rattan kids chair

Rattan Chair for Kid

You can see the model is the same as the model for adult furniture.

Recently the demand for rattan kids furniture increase.  This is good, because the kids also needs to feel the good furniture fit for themselves. Not furniture too big for them. Hopefully the increase in demand will also increase the awareness of consumer on green furniture.

Rattanmeuble.com also produces rattan chairs for kids.  The chair is already modified for the comfort and safety for children. The popular model such as pelangi, papasan, mamasan, bahama, peacock chair is also available for kids.  If you are interested to buy, please contact us for more information.