Cats and dogs are often used as pets. Pet’s funny behavior can make the owner happy. Pets can be friends by their owners. This makes the owners always want to give the best for their pets. Pets like to spend their time for playing, eating and sleeping. After feeling tired of playing and the stomach is full, pets will find a place to rest. Pet owners can provide a home for pets to rest.
Houses for pets have many types, the popular one is the animal house made of rattan. Many famous pets use this rattan animal home. This rattan animal craft house originated from Indonesia but it already spread throughout the world.
The cute and unique shape makes this rattan animal house a favorite place for pets. Not only as a home for pets, this rattan animal house can be a room decoration. This is because rattan can be formed into any form, from easy to complicated shapes.
Not only for resting, this rattan animal house can reduce heat in pets. This is because rattan can have a cool material and does not make users feel heat. Your pet will feel comfortable when resting in his house. This rattan animal house is suitable as a gift for your pet.
How to care for rattan animal houses is quite easy. If it seems dusty you can clean it with a wet cloth. For the sidelines of woven rattan can be cleaned using a toothbrush. If there are rattan fibers you can use scissors to cut it.
For one animal house priced at hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. This depends on the level of difficulty of the rattan animal house. The more complicated the design the more expensive the price. You will not be disappointed because this rattan animal house can last a long time.