Rattan Pillow Exporters

Rattan Pillow Exporters are producer, manufacturer or exporter of rattan pillow, especially from natural rattan. Rattan pillow is one of handicraft made from rattan. Probably most of you have heard of rattan crafts. Rattan crafts already exist since ancient times and continue to run in this modern era. Rattan often used as furniture manufacturing material. Over time, rattan can now be used for medicine. Rattan made for a product that can reduce disease in humans.
One of the health products made from rattan is rattan pillows. Rattan pillows are one of innovation products from rattan craftsmen. The idea of making rattan pillows comes from traditional Japanese pillows. The shape of the rattan pillow has a similarity to a pillow in common.
Unlike pillows in common that contain foam, silicon, or cotton, rattan pillows are not fill with other material on the inside of the pillow. Rattan pillows are made empty and only supported by a few bamboo strings as a buffer. Instead of feeling hard, this rattan pillow will provide comfort the user.
Although it is not as comfortable as cotton and foam pillows, rattan pillows can be used as a massage tool. When lying on a rattan pillow you can move your head or neck on a rattan pillow. This gives the same effect when you do reflexology.
When you use a common pillow, sometimes you may feel hot because a common pillow made by material that absorbs heat. However, the rattan pillow will give a cool feeling when using it. This is because the empty part in the center of the rattan pillow and rattan wicker have small breaks that can make the wind enter.
Rattan pillows have benefits for curing diseases. Rattan pillows can be used as a therapeutic tool to relieve vertigo. The reason is that by the structure of a stable rattan pillow to support the head or neck because it does not contain material that is easily moved.
If you are interested in having a rattan pillow, prices for one rattan pillow start from $ 50 to $ 20. Rattan pillows have many variations of shapes and colors that you can choose as you wish. To find a rattan pillow you can look for it in the online market or come directly to rattan craftsmen.
rattanmeuble.com also export and produce rattan pillow and other handicraft from rattan. You can contact us for more information.

Мебель из ротанга

Производитель мебели из ротанга – производитель мебели из ротанга. Материалом для мебели может быть натуральный или синтетический ротанг. Есть некоторые страны, которые могут производить мебель из ротанга. Это Индонезия, Вьетнам, Китай, Малайзия и Индия. Однако крупнейшим производителем мебели из натурального ротанга является Индонезия. Это потому, что в Индонезии есть самые большие леса ротанга в мире.
В Индонезии есть несколько провинций, производящих мебель из ротанга. Вы можете назвать Cirebon, Solo, Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Palu в качестве зоны производства мебели из ротанга. Самая большая область промышленности ротанга вы можете найти в Cirebon, который находится в провинции Западная Ява. Вот почему этот город также называют Ротанг Сити. Город Чиребон расположен в восточной части от Джакарты. Это в 220 км от столицы Индонезии.
Как вы можете поехать в город Чиребон? Вы можете поехать на поезде или на машине из Джакарты. На поезде это займет 3 часа. На машине это может занять 3-5 часов, в зависимости от условий движения. Для лучшего удобства мы предлагаем вам сесть на поезд. В Индонезии существует 3 класса системы обслуживания поездов. Есть экономика, бизнес и исполнительная власть. Лучший сервис – представительский класс. Иногда иностранцы путают термин «бизнес-класс» в нашей системе обслуживания поездов. Для обслуживания самолетов бизнес-класс – высший класс. Но в нашей Системе обслуживания поездов представительский класс – высший уровень.

Rattan Baby Swing Exporter

Rattan Baby Swing exporter is manufacturer , producer of rattan baby swing that export the product to the world. Rattanmeuble.com also produce and export this rattan baby swing to the world. The design of the baby swing can be customized by clients. The material of baby swing could be natural or synthetic rattan.
For new parents who having babies many things need to be considered in caring for a baby. Included in the case of giving a swing to the baby there are things that must be avoided. Giving a strong swing when holding or calming the baby can cause the syndrome in the baby.
Shaken baby syndrome is trauma in children that caused by strong shocks on the baby’s head. The reason is a swings too tightly for a baby. Factors that cause this can happen because they are too infatuated with the baby. Parents who have difficulty putting the baby to sleep also usually give a hard swing so the baby can sleep quickly.
There are ways to make it easier for parents to put the baby to sleep that have been done since a long time. In the past, parents used rattan swings to put the baby to sleep. To relieve the burden on parents, using rattan swing also does not endanger the baby. The swing produced by the swing of the baby rattan is not too fast but can make the baby sleep quickly.
Rattan baby swing also provides many other benefits. Swing the baby slowly with the swing of the baby rattan can relieve the heat in the baby. A baby is very sensitive to high temperatures so it feels hot quickly. Babies will feel uncomfortable if they sweat.
In a study proves that swinging a baby slowly and lovingly can increase the bond between parent and child. This is caused by eye contact that occurs when giving the crib to the baby. Try to make eye contact with the baby while calming them.
If you are interested in having a rattan baby swing, there are many models of rattan baby swing on the market. The price offered for a single baby rattan swing is also affordable start from $ 30 to $ 150. Rattan baby swing is made from natural rattan or synthetic rattan. Before buying a baby rattan swing, make sure your baby does not have an allergy to products made from rattan, both natural and synthetic rattan.

Rattan Child Chair Exporter

In Indonesia, the use of child seats in two-wheeled vehicles is popular in recent years. This child seat is made of rattan which is placed between the driver and the handlebar of the motorcycle. Child rattan chairs is an additional chair whose use by toddlers. The aim of child seat to make the child sit comfortably while driving.
Rattan chair can be found in rattan craftsmen or even online shops. This child rattan chair has attractive designs and colors so it can be used as motorcycle accessories. The price offered also varies from around Rp. 100,000.
However, important thing for parents need to know about the dangers of using this rattan chair. The use of this rattan chair can endanger the safety of children. Not only the child, the driver’s safety can also be threatened. To driving two-wheeled vehicles, there needs space to drive like turning. If adding a child seat of course this will limit the driver’s space in driving. This will cause an unwanted accident.
According to Law No.22 of 2009 concerning Traffic and Road Transportation, it stated that the maximum number of people to transport on two-wheeled vehicles is two people, which are the driver with one passenger. If we bring a child that means we carrying one passenger. This is just a recommendation stated in the legal regulations.
There is a safe way if we need to bring under the age children. The child and the driver should stick each other. Make sure the child sits in the passenger seat holding the driver tightly. Make sure the position of the passenger and driver have same direction and avoid the opposite position like a passenger sitting back to the driver.
There is no education about the dangers of using rattan chairs for children in two-wheeled vehicles. This caused the community to continue to use the rattan chairs. The production of this child rattan chair still continues. If this continue, there needs to be awareness from parents about the importance of the safety of the child and the driver when driving. It is better to avoid accidents early before bad things happen while driving.
Rattanmeuble.com also produces and exports rattan child chair. For more information for the product you can contact us.

Sting, The Police, and Rattan Carpet Beater Exporter

During this Corona Pandemic situation in the world there are some songs that become hit again. One song particular is “Don’t Stay So Close To Me” by The Police. The song title reflect the activity we call at this moment which is “Social Distancing”
If you see the music video in youtube or other chanel, you see Sting , the vocalist” holds one instrument made from rattan material. Maybe this instrument / tool looks strange for the milenial kids because we do not see this tool these days especially in Europe or USA. This tool is called Carpet Beater or carpetbeater. The function of this tool is to remove dust or dirt from carpet while the carpet is being cleaned .
Not only for removing dust from carpets, it can be used also to clean rugs, clothes, cushions, or beddings.
To use it, Carpets ,or rugs were hung over a clothesline, railing, or a special carpet hanger, and the dust and dirt was beaten out of them by this carpet beater. However today it is replaced by vacum cleaner. Therefore no wonder kids now, do not know the function of this rattan carpet beater.
There are some other name for this tool such as rug beater, carpet whip, rug whip, clothes-beater, dust beater or dustbeater, carpet duster, wicker slapper, rug duster, or pillow fluffer, and formerly also as a carpet cleaner or rug cleaner.
Below you can see the picture of the carpet beater
rattan carpet beater
Today, this tool become popular again as collectible items. Mitra Berkah Abadi also produce and export this rattan carpet beater. For more information you can contact us and buy this collectible items for your needs.