The growth of human population in this world, has an impacted to increasing basic and complimentary human necessities, which one of the necessities is furniture.

Unrealizing furniture has become a part of human life, you will see furniture in every house because the function of furniture itself is to support human activity.

The category of furniture is; dining room set, living room set, bedroom set, kitchen set, office furniture, and school furniture. But we are facing a problem because lot of people prefer to using wood furniture as their home decoration, rather than find an alternatives from the wood fruniture.

According to data from the Ministry of Industry in 2011, Currently, the supply of raw materials from natural forests is decreasing due to rampant illegal activities logging and illegal trade (Ministry of Industry, 2011). This is added to the many wood farmer who moves alone outside the shade government. There is a boycott of tropical timber and ecolabel demands from environmentalists which affects big buyers and causes restrictions on the use of wood materials, one of which is for furniture products (Ministry of Industry, 2011). Thus, even if the request the largest is in wood raw materials, but this demand cannot be fulfilled.

Considering Rattan As Your Furniture Necessities

Rattan is a group of palms from the Calameae clan (tribus) which has a habitus climbers, especially Calamus, Daemonorops, and Oncocalamus. Calameae clan itself consists of about six hundred members, with a distribution area in the tropical Africa, Asia and Australia.

Rattan has several advantages over wood, such as light, strong, elastic/easy to shape, and cheap. The elastic character that makes rattan attractive for making various types of material kinds of craft and furniture products. Because rattan has flexible properties, there are various advantages in processing it into a furniture product. Rattan can be pasted using glue and can be combined with other materials by nailing.

Rattan It’s environmentall friendly furniture that isn’t causing deforestation of the planet, because fast growth. This plant can grow to enter the harvest period within two years. In order to cultivate rattan, we must protect tropical forests. Because rattan only grows vines on the trees. To harvest rattan, we don’t cut down the trees, we have to protect them.

Some rattans secrete sap (resin) from the flower stalks. This sap it is red in color and is known in trade as dragon’s blood. This resin used to color the violin or as meni (Red paint that is applied as a base layer on the surface of an item before painting).

So Rattan Furniture could be the best choice for you when you have a plan to buy some furniture for your new home or just want to replacing the old ones. The unit can easily be adapted to the production of a wide range of different designs

We are CV Mitra Berkah Abadi; Rattan furniture exporter, manufacturer, & supplier based in Cirebon, Indonesia. We have our own local concept or design, also we are receiving all custom design for every Rattan furniture product.

Rattan Environment Friendly Furniture