Rattan furniture exporters are exporters of furniture made from both natural or synthetic rattan. Some countries that export rattan furniture are Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. Philippine is the first country that export rattan furniture. After that Indonesia and Malaysia. China then export rattan furniture when Indonesia export raw rattan material to China. Vietnam is the latest country that export rattan furniture to the world.
Indonesia is the largest natural rattan furniture in the world. This is no wonder because the largest rattan forest lies in Indonesia. Around 80 % of rattan trees are grown in Indonesia forest. The rattan forest are located in 3 big islands in Indonesia : Sumatera, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. The forest in these 3 big islands are still plenty. Rattan trees grow healthy in these forest.
Although the rattan forest are located outside java island, the central of rattan furniture industry is still located in Java Island. There are several cities in Java Island which the main rattan furniture industry. There are Cirebon, Solo, Surabaya and Jepara. Java is still the central for rattan furniture industry because the infrastructure in this island is still the best to support the industry. Without the support of the infrastructure such as electricity, roads, international seaport, it is difficult to nourish the export oriented industry like rattan furniture industry.
Mitra Berkah Abadi is one company that can export and produce both natural and rattan furniture. MBA Furniture can produce furniture based on client design. MBA furniture is located in Cirebon city. MBA furniture accept minimum order 1 x 40 ft container and in the container client can have more than 1 model/design. Client can have 10-15 models in one container. This feature is very helpful for the small importer of rattan furniture.
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