Almeira Stool, a new Gorgeous Rattan Stool from

We just produced a new rattan stool  which we named it Almeira Stool. We name  this stool Almeira Stool, because we believe this stool is a s beautiful as the city of Almeira. And we believe you will agree with this.

The stool construction is built from natural rattan poles. The weaving is done by small rattan fitriet.

We color this stool in natural color, however we can put any other color on this stool . It depends on the client request,  and we can do any color as customer desire.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for this stool is 10 pcs for Total order of 1 x 20 ft container Order.   

As one of Rattan Furniture Cirebon exporter, is also able to produce  client design furniture.  For example we can produce also Almeira Stool with more height for Bar Stool. Or we can make Almeira Stool larger to become coffee table.  Therefore please do not hesitate to inquiry us if you want to buy Almeira stool or to order other customized rattan stool.

This stool is 100 % made in Cirebon,  Indonesia . The precise  location of our factory is in Cirebon city , which is located in west java province, Indonesia. It is 3 hours away by car or train. Cirebon is center of rattan furniture production in Indonesia. Therefore , most of rattan furniture from Indonesia originated from this city.

If you want to visit Cirebon, you can contact us so we can help you to arrange your visit to Cirebon city.

The benefit of ordering rattan furniture from Rattanmeuble is that you can mix several designs of your order in 1 container. This is important for small rattan shop  that want to order many design in 1 container. Later on when the client can sell many items, then client can increase the order so there will be only a few designs  in 1 container.  


Almeira Rattan Stool