Rattan furniture Cirebon is now commonly found in the market, this is because this furnishing is now back as a trend for home interiors. The design is modern, light, colorful, suitable for a small room or a minimalist style room.

It has been used widely as the main material for many house furniture, such as chairs, tables, etc. Although now more and more modern materials are appearing on the market, it is now also produced in the form of synthetic or natural ones which is used as a variety of creations ranging from tables, chairs, and many more.

Both natural rattan furniture and synthetic rattan is still an option because of its classic appearance for home decor. It can be mixed with other materials such as wood or iron. In addition, the care of the material is also very easy, that is, it is enough to wash it clean, dry it in the sun then spray or repaint it.

However, along with the large demand of Rattan Cirebon, it does not stop only from using natural materials. Some of the craftsmen are now starting to develop synthetic rattan which is made from polyethylene or plastic material.

Get to Know the Strengths of Synthetic Rattan Furniture Cirebon

Furniture made of synthetic material is generally considered tidier than natural ones because it is made with a machine that has the right precision and matches the desired furniture design. Not only that, there are no remaining joints between the rattan as is usually the case when furniture is made from natural material.

The connection between each webbing is what makes it often look untidy. Furniture made of the synthetic ones also lighter than the natural ones. This makes all furniture made of synthetic materials easier to move around.

So it is not surprising that various groups from the business world such as hotels, resorts, coffee shops, restaurants, to offices also prefer to use synthetic rattan furniture Cirebon because of its flexibility.

Synthetic ones are also easy to clean, compared to the natural ones. Only use a damp or dry cloth to clean the dust or dirt that sticks. In terms of maintenance and care, of course, furniture made from synthetic is superior to natural ones.

Make Sure to Choose Eco – Friendly Synthetic Rattan

In choosing rattan furniture Cirebon, you should choose a synthetic one made from polyethylene. It is safe to use daily because it’s environmentally friendly and contains no toxic. Synthetic rattan from polyethylene is also designed with protection against UV, heat, humidity, oxidation, and mold as well as high flexibility.

It is very suitable for outdoor because it won’t crack, splinter or peel. It also won’t fade even when exposed to different weather conditions. Because it is made of plastic, furniture made from synthetic rattan will not attract termites.

In addition, this material is also known to be strong against water and direct sunlight so you can also place furniture such as sofas, patio tables, and chairs to sofa beds outdoors without fear of damage. Even though there are many advantages of synthetic rattan, natural Rattan Cirebon is also still in high demand.

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