Furniture from Indonesia

Furniture From Indonesia is Among The Best 

The wood and rattan  furniture from Indonesia is really well known. It is used by not only the local people, but also the customers from all over the world. It is so popular.

As a huge country with the wide forest breeding area and tropical situation, Indonesia is blessed with so many different kinds of woods. They are having a good quality.

That is why; the products from this country is highly recommended for any types of designs and aims. However, there are still some other reasons of why you need to have them.

Below are the reasons why you need to pick the furniture from Indonesia than from the other places in this universe. Check this out and don’t forget to order it as soon as possible.

Strong and Durable

It is not a secret anymore that the wood products has a strong and durable characteristic. That is why; they always become the antique goods from time to time

The strength from the high quality materials is guaranteed. It makes them remain strong although you place a really heavy good in it. It’s durable characteristic is also great.

The maintenance is so simple and it doesn’t like an iron which is easy to get rusty. However, sometimes you have to renew the surface to avoid the termites attack.

Furniture from Indonesia Gives the Natural Nuance

It cannot be denied that this good is able to give a natural nuance for your property. It is because the material is truly from the nature and has the wide spectrum as well.

That is why; they are able to give the different lighting effect in a room. This furniture can be applied through the sofa or maybe the living room table. That will look amazing.

The wood furniture from Indonesia cannot be separated from the elegance aspect as well. That is why; it is suitable to complete the sophisticated house, apartment, and so on.

For you who are living in the big city and getting bored to the house environment, using this good can give the soothing effect. Everything is because it’s natural nuance.

It Has Various Sizes, Shapes, and Crafts

The design of this furniture from Indonesia is guaranteed. They have the most flexible shapes than the ones which are made from the other materials such as iron, plastic, and more.

The woods can be crafted into several goods such as the bedroom, dining chair, side table, from the simple up to the complicated ones. There is one more thing to know.

It also has various grades of colors, textured, and patterns in it’s surface area. This thing adds the aesthetic and unique impression.

Ranging Prices

The prices of wood furniture from Indonesia are ranging. It depends on the materials used, designs, and how complicate it is. You are able to choose based on your budgets.

If it is quite limited, just choose the simple designs such as the cupboard or bedroom without any crafts patterns. The important thing is it’s quality, strength, and overall products.

This element Is suitable for any interior designs. It is not only for a classic house, but also the minimalist Japanese style. Choose best furniture from Indonesia based on your concept. also produce mix of wood and rattan furniture.  For more information you can contact us here

Furniture From Indonesia

Rattan Factory in Indonesia

Have you ever wonder where and how your rattan furniture at home produced ? Rattan furniture is produced by rattan factories in Indonesia. However the journey of rattan material to Rattan Factory is a long journey. Rattan material grows only in forest in island outside Java Island. From forest to rattan material processing facility it may took tens of kilometers to get through.

The rattan picker usually go into forest for days to pick and cut rattan trees. They make a camp in the forest and gather the rattan they cut and bring to the camp for temporary warehouse. After gathering tons of rattan trees and meet their target , then rattan pickers bring the rattan logs to the village where the rattan pickers live.

After arriving in the village, rattan trees then boiled in diesel fuel container. The boiling process can take several days. The purpose to clean the rattan stems and eliminate oils in the rattan stems. It also eliminate bugs in rattan stems. The best quality rattan use the best fuel and procedure in boiling rattan.

After boiling process, rattan then sold to Rattan distributor in the cities in Sumatera, Borneo or Sulawesi. Rattan Distributor then send the rattan material to Java Island and sell to Rattan Factories. Rattan Factory is the one that process the rattan material into rattan furniture that customers like us have in our house.

Rattan is widely used in Furniture because its uniqueness and flexibility. Rattan Furniture is also quite strong for use that can last for several years of standard use.  Like wooden Furniture, rattan less absorb heat and cold. This feature make rattan furniture suitable for indoor use.

Rattan Furniture becomes important export commodity for Indonesia. In 2020 the export value is more that $ 350 million dollar. The export market is not only US and European countries, but to the worldwide. The government support rattan industry to grow. The export of raw rattan material has been forbidden for several years in order rattan furniture industry to grow.

Cirebon City Center of Rattan Factory

If you want to visit Rattan Factory in Indonesia, you should visit Cirebon city. Cirebon is one of the Center city for Furniture From Indonesia.  It is located in North East part of West Java Province. By using car it takes 3 hours driving. You can take train also to come to Cirebon. We suggest you take Executive Class Train to get to Cirebon. It is more comfortable and  efficient than taking car. is also one of factory that produce and export rattan furniture. For order and information you can contact us.

Rattan Factory

Cane Furniture Manufacturer

Indonesia is one of the best Cane Furniture Manufacturer country in the world. This is because Indonesia has the largest rattan cane forest in the world. 80 % of the worlds rattan cane trees are grown in Indonesia. With tropical weather, the forest is suitable for cane trees to grow.

Rattan cane forest are situated in Sumatera, Borneo and Sulawesi island. These 3 big islands are where the tropical forest still exist. The rattan cane is wildly grown not farm by people. So it is quite difficult to get rattan cane from the forest and brought to cities.

Eventhough the canes come from islands outside Java Island, the cane industry is still located in java Island. Cirebon, Surakarta , Surabaya and Tangerang are still  the center of cane industry in Indonesia. Here you can find most of Cane Furniture Manufacturer in Indonesia. If you want to import cane furniture and want to visit factories, those 4 cities you may want to visit. is one of the Rattan Factory from Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. We produce both natural and synthetic Cane Furniture such as chair, sofa, bench, barstool, lounger, etc. we can produce clients design as well . Clients can send drawing or photo of their design and we can make quotation or sample based on the drawing or photo.

How To Order Cane Furniture

Client who want to order furniture can contact us. Client give us list of products they want to order.

After that, we will make proforma invoice to client. The proforma Invoice consist of list of orders, price, payment term, shipping date and other information needed.

After receiving Proforma and everything in Proforma is OK, then Client need to pay Down Payment.

 When we receive the Down Payment, then production of the order start.

After Production Finish the we will ship the order. We then send copy of BL as proof that the container already on the ship heading to client port. 

Client then need to pay Balance Payment. After we receive the Balance Payment then we send Export Documents to client.

This is the process finish.

We hope this information is useful for your Cane Furniture Business.

Cane Furniture Manufacturer

Rattan Furniture Wholesaler

There are many reasons why you can now easily get Rattan Furniture sold by Rattan furniture wholesaler on the market. The high demands for this type of furniture comes from both Indonesia and the worldwide. Rattan products have many advantages, so that’s why many consumers choose them.

One of them is that it is easy to do the maintenance. You don’t need to do maintenance that is too complicated, just clean it by wiping or using a vacuum cleaner, so it won’t waste a lot of your time.

Besides that, you can also choose a design according to your taste. The designs offered are quite diverse. And rattan is not only limited to be used as indoor furniture. In fact, you can use synthetic rattan to complement your outdoor design.

Rattan Furniture from Rattan Furniture Wholesaler to Complement Outdoor Designs

Not only chairs and tables in the living room, rattan is also widely used for a wider variety of furniture. One of them is a lounge chair by the pool. You can use furniture made from synthetic rattan because this material is more resistant to weather and splashes of water.

If you have a reading nook or a reading corner in the back garden, you can also use rattan furniture from Rattan furniture wholesaler to make your reading activities more comfortable. There are many models of rattan sofas that you can choose from, some even offer a shade that integrates with the seat, so you are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Because it is flexible, it can be woven into various forms that attract consumers. Besides the sofa or daybeds, you can also get a hanging chair or swing to add to your relaxing spot. Because it’s lightweight but still solid, it can be used as a hanging chair.

This furniture made by Rattan Furniture Wholesaler can be an option for you to add a cheerful impression to your relaxing spot. Apart from these two things, you can also place the dining table set in your BBQ spot or outdoor kitchen. The synthetic material is weather-resistant, so you can put it outdoors.

Natural Rattan for Indoor

If the minimalist look is too mainstream, maybe you can choose ethnic and bohemian looks by adding furniture made from natural rattan. Rattan webbing gives an ethnic and unique appearance so that your room doesn’t look boring.

You can choose from a lot of furniture from the Rattan Furniture Wholesaler; from sofas to Rattan chairs. This product is quite common for you to find on the market because the demand is quite high. In addition, you can also replace the frame of your beds by using rattan mats. No need to worry because natural rattan is a sturdy material, not inferior to teak wood.

Even trinkets such as mirror frames, you can choose from rattan. Golden brown color gives an elegant and classic impression. This will certainly give a more attractive impression than you are using furniture with other materials such as plastic or iron.

In addition to many companies that cultivate it, many have also provided synthetic rattan as an alternative. Many Rattan Furniture Wholesaler provide a variety of rattan furniture with a quality you can trust. is also one of Cane Furniture Manufacturer from Cirebon. You can order Cane Furniture from us. Please contact us for order.


rattan furniture wholesaler

Rattan Furniture Company

Currently, rattan furnishing is widely produced by Indonesia rattan furniture company. Its affordable price makes it excellent in the market. In addition, the designs offered are also very diverse, so that consumers have more choices.

Most people who choose and use this type of furniture because of the excess material. The woven design makes this furniture give an ethnic impression to the house, as well as a natural look that is refreshing to the eye.

It is quite light, which makes it quite easy to move around rooms. No wonder hotels and cafes choose this furniture to decorate their rooms. You can also add them to your home interior, or add an aesthetic touch to your patio.

Most rattan furniture company distinguish two types of furnishings, namely natural and synthetic rattan. This is to meet market needs in general. Natural rattan furniture has the advantage of a more classic and elegant appearance.

Meanwhile, synthetic materials offer more diverse colors because they are made from polyethylene, so it can be given a more varied coloring. As for durability, they are very durable for years, depending on where you put them.

Easy to Clean Becomes the Advantage of Furniture Produced by Rattan Furniture Company

Having furniture does have to be diligent to clean. This is the simplest form of maintenance you can do to keep the furniture durable in use. To clean the dust, you just need a dry cloth and wipe it, no need for special treatment just to clean the furniture.

However, if the furniture you are cleaning is a synthetic material, you can use a damp cloth and use a little detergent to clean the dirt that has crusted on its surface. Don’t forget to dry it completely so that it doesn’t cause other problems.

The furnishing produced by rattan furniture company is formed from woven, so there will be many holes that are difficult to reach when you are cleaning it. Vacuum cleaner or soft brush will do the job, and it can be done only in minutes.

Can Blend in Naturally with Your Home Design

Various home designs can always use this kind of furnishing. Even though your house design is minimalist modern, you can still use it for your home. There are many designs that you can choose from, for example, a simple minimalist design to match your home design.

The natural ones can still blend in beautifully into your home even though it has classic appearance. The placement of this furniture can give you an elegant and classy appearance. This also makes many people love it.

If you want to display furniture in the BBQ spot or patio in the backyard, you can choose synthetic ones from rattan furniture company to give an impression of back to nature. This is also quite safe, considering synthetic furnishing is resistant to various kinds of weather.

Furniture made of rattan can be an option for you who want to give a unique look to your home. There are many advantages that you can consider; minimal maintenance, competitive prices, and a wide variety of designs that you choose are enough to make rattan products superior.

It’s quite easy to by this type of furniture in the local market or online community. Currently, there are many rattan furniture company in Indonesia to meet the needs of both the national and international community. is also Rattan Furniture Wholesaler that sell rattan furniture to all around the world. For more information regarding our products please contact us.

Rattan Furniture Company

Cane Furniture Indonesia

Currently, you can find a lot of furnishings produced by cane furniture company from Indonesia on the market. The large number of market demands is due to the advantages this material has when compared to other materials.

Rattan is a non – wood product that can be used for furniture. You can find a variety of local furniture and handicrafts on the market, from chairs, tables, wall hangings, mirror frames, baskets, and many more.

Rattan material from Indonesia is now recognized worldwide for its quality that is not inferior to the quality of other countries. This is due to an increase in the quality of processing in the cane furniture company, so that the furnishings produced have a competitive standard.

Using this kind of furnishing in your home will certainly provide many benefits for you, so now many people deliberately choose rattan compared to other materials for both indoor and outdoor use.

Benefits of Using Rattan Furniture from Cane Furniture Indonesia

One of the advantages that you can get from using this furnishing is that you can choose a very diverse design. This is because the rattan material is a flexible material so that it can be formed freely through the weaving technique.

Because it is woven, the furnishing from the cane furniture company can give a more aesthetic appearance to your home. In contrast to other materials such as iron that rust, rattan cannot rust and the method of cleaning it is quite easy, only by using dry cloth to wipe the dirty.

It is so practical that you don’t need a lot of time to do the maintenance. Being very lightweight, people love it because it can be moved around very easy compared to other material such as iron or teak.

But don’t think because of its lightweight, the furnishing made by cane furniture company becomes fragile furniture. In fact, this furniture is quite sturdy and can last for quite a long time. For natural rattan, if you use it for indoor purposes, it can last for years.

These are the Considerations before Choosing Rattan Furniture for Your Home

There are several things you need to consider before you choose the furnishing from the cane furniture Indonesia for your home. Apart from the design that looks eye – catching, you also need to consider the placement of the furniture. If placed indoors, natural rattan can be the right choice.

Natural rattan has limited color choices, but the resulting colors are very natural so that it gives an elegant classic impression to your home. However, if you want to place furniture semi – outdoor or outdoor, you can choose synthetic furnishing.

Not inferior to natural rattan, synthetic materials are also durable. In addition, the color choices are more diverse, so you can choose other colors that are not offered by natural rattan furniture. You don’t need to worry to place it outside because it’s weather-proof; which means it will stand different weather around the year.

But overall, the two rattan materials have their respective advantages. You can use this to choose according to your needs. Furnishings produced by cane furniture Indonesia can indeed be an option if you want to give a unique appearance. is also rattan furniture company from cirebon Indonesia and produce cane furniture products. For more information and order inquiry, please contact us