Chairs created by rattan furniture producers are not only for classic and simple themed home designs, but now it is increasingly in demand for minimalist, modern and luxurious homes. The designs are increasingly developing over time.

Natural furnishing with a simple yet unique design will create a relaxing and comfortable vibes to your homes. In fact, various choices of beautiful designs can be selected to beautify your dream home.

Of the hundreds of rattan species in Indonesia, of course, not all are good for furnishing. This plant that is used for furniture is a type of material produced from the processing of certain rattan plants so that it can be used as raw material for good household furnishing.

The Best Type of Rattan Used by Rattan Furniture Producers

Of the various types of rattan, the one that is often used is the Pietriet rattan. This type is the core of the plant, resembling a stick with a length of up to 6 meters. Commonly used in the weaving process to cover furnishing or baskets.

Next is the Core rattan which comes from small rattan plants such as Kubu, Sega, Jawit, etc that is often used by rattan furniture producers. It is very flexible, easy to absorb color and light. Usually woven for decoration on furnishings, elbows and frame some baskets.

Lasio / Peel is also often used because it is flexible when immersed in water, cannot absorb color, breaks easily if bent. In furnishing, this mat is used to cover and beautify the connection of the rattan frame and support to strengthen the holder on the frame.

The next type is Sanded Peel Rattan. This material comes from the core of the plant which is thinly cut to resemble a lasio / peel. It is easy to absorb color and has the same characteristics as pitriet rattan. The last one is rattan sticks. This section is usually used for the frame structure of furnishing by the rattan furniture producers. It has a large diameter and low flexibility.

There are also some other kind of rattan. You can read it here

Rattan Furniture Care Tips of the Type

People still love this type of furnishings, the reason is it offers its own uniqueness for its enthusiasts. The form of rattan which has a complex structure and unique looking rattan fibers is the reason why this rattan furniture is the right choice to fill your home.

The use of furniture made of rattan from rattan furniture producers can have a relatively long life, you know. However, there are things that make it needs extra care compared to other furniture materials. The number of empty gaps makes the dirt quickly enter and quickly build up as well.

The webbing form has many hiding areas, making you need extra ways to clean it. Therefore, you can use a small brush to get rid of the dust that sticks to the furniture. You can clean it using soft brush so you won’t scratch its surface.

You can also clean using a vacuum cleaner. Choose a vacuum cleaner with long hairy ends. Of course, this hairy vacuum cleaner will make it easier for you to clean and reach the dust in the crevices. This way you can keep the furnishings from rattan furniture producers nice and clean.

CV Mitra Berkah Abadi is one of rattan furniture suppliers and producers of rattan furniture from Cirebon, Indonesia. It produce rattan furniture using rattan material such as Pietriet, core, lasio, and sanded peel as well. Therefore the products are various in style and beauty. 




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