Not all types of rattan are used by rattan furniture suppliers to make furniture. The processed rattan products are various, there are rattan handicrafts, rattan furniture and rattan woven which are used as mats or traditional musical instruments.

Almost all functions of wood can be replaced by rattan except for building construction. The result that is most replaced is furniture. One of the reasons why rattan is widely used for furniture is because it is flexible.

It’s been known to grow to hundreds of meters and more than 70% of the world’s population grows in Indonesia. This plant is known to be easier to harvest than woods, makes it the best substitute to woods.

Know the Types of Rattan Used by Rattan Furniture Suppliers

Not all types of rattan can be processed into furniture and are good for outdoor use. Several types of rattan break easily because they are of different types. On the other hand, rattan also has advantages in terms of flexibility.

Jernang Besar has another name Daemonorops draco Blume, it is commonly found in Sumatra and used by rattan furniture suppliers. The color is yellowish – brown with a shiny appearance. Its size can be around 18 – 35 cm long with a diameter of 12 mm.

Another type is Dahanan, which has the Latin name Korthalsia flagellaris Miq, is commonly found in Sumatra and Kalimantan. The growth of this plant is found in swamps. When it is ready to harvest, it can reach 50 meters in length with a diameter of 15 – 30 mm.

It is quite difficult to harvest because of its length and its clumping growth. It has rough texture and its color is brown. Next is the pitcher rattan which has the Latin name Calamus optimus Becc.

It is widely planted in riverbank areas at 100 – 300 m. The areas used to cultivate are Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Sumatra, and common used by rattan furniture suppliers to create furnishing products.

The size of it can reach 40 meters and the shape is strong, very resilient. The diameter of the stem is 12 – 44 mm and the internode length is 20 – 30. Similar to Dahanan, its clump growth of up to 60 stems makes it quite difficult to harvest.

Finishing is Required for Rattan Furniture

Finishing is necessary to increase the selling power of furnishings made by rattan furniture suppliers. This step is very important, because without it, the furniture won’t look attractive and it won’t get the protection that is needed.

The finishing must use the right paint material, the surface of the rattan is quite slippery, but at its end, there are pores that must be closed. The surface is different from wood which has more pores.

The finishing can use solid colors or natural colors, this choice depends on taste. If you want to display the furniture to look natural, then choose a finish that uses natural colors such as varnish.

Varnish alone is not enough to give the furnishings a sharper color. You also need a wood stain application, which is a natural color that is applied to sharpen natural fibers. This step is done by rattan furniture suppliers to increase the quality of rattan products.

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