Rattan Furniture Indonesia in World Furniture Market


Rattan is a natural material whose stems are usually used to make rattan furniture Indonesia. It is increasingly in demand by the public because of the increasing trend of environmentally friendly housing. This material can create natural impression just like wood material.

Please note that Rattan Indonesia usually only comes in a few colors, such as black, gray, white, brown, and natural colors. Even so, these neutral colors can usually blend into any design. In other words, wherever you place the furnishing, it can help beautify your room.

Being flexible as a material makes it liked by the craftsmen. This flexibility allows you to have many choices of models to complement the furnishing in your home. For example, it can be used as chairs and tables in square, round, or other shapes.

Another Excellence of Rattan Furniture

Being relatively cheap price compared to other materials is one of the advantages of rattan. Even though it is priced at a price that is not too expensive, that does not make it cheap. The quality of the furnishing is no less good than the quality of the furnishing made of solid wood.

It can also be cared for easily, especially when compared to other furnishing made of Rattan furniture Indonesia. Just use a soft cloth and ordinary soap to clean the furnishing. To reach small nooks and crannies, you can use a small brush. Most people choose rattan because the it is known to be resistant to weather.

Therefore, many people use it to beautify their patio or garden on the back porch. It’s very lecture, it easy to move or move anywhere. Even so, it remains strong and is not easily damaged. Thus, this material is often used by many furniture companies to create their products.

Rattan furniture Indonesia have material is sustainable, so it is good for the environment especially for the conservation. This plant is a cultivable crop. It only takes two years to be fully grown and ready to be harvested. Because it’s ready quicker than other trees such as teak that takes up to thirty years, it becomes popular for furniture.

Furniture Ideas for Home

Usually, a set of rattan furniture Indonesia can be used to decorate your outdoor garden or patio at home. One set usually consists of a table, chairs, and a stool. The ingredients can be various, usually using synthetic ones because it stands the changing weather better than the natural ones.

Outdoor furnishing needs to be provided with a garden umbrella to provide shade so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight or rainwater which can accelerate the damage to the furnishing. The outdoor dining room can also use furniture sets to create a natural looking appearance.

Because of its advantages, it’s no wonder that the furnishings is in great demand by the world community. From the looks to its strength, it is suitable for furnishing, whether its indoor or outdoor. Rattan furniture Indonesia has even become prominent in foreign countries because of its excellent quality at competitive prices.

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