Eco-Friendly Rattan Products

Lately eco-friendly campaigns are spreading out all over the world. The call to protect the environment includes all aspects of human life. Starting from reducing the use of plastic to the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment.
The government has recently called on industries throughout Indonesia to labeled products as eco-friendly. Depends on the fact that Indonesia has many export activities, recipient countries want the goods they ordered has eco-friendly label. This is not without purpose because in other country outside Indonesia eco-friendly campaigns already begin.
This also has an impact on the rattan industry, which is the largest industry in Indonesia. The concept of eco-friendly applied starting from the process of procuring raw materials to finishing product. With this program, it is expected that industry players until consumers are aware of protecting the environment.
This policy still has many shortcomings that need to be develop so that the policy can run well. Among them is the difficulty of finding materials for production such as natural dyes or preservatives. The initial step of the government can provide subsidies in the form of natural materials that can be use in rattan production.
The government is working with the European Union to create a PROSPECT (Promoting Sustainable Consumption of Eco Friendly Rattan Products Indonesia) program to promote ecofriendly rattan products. This activity already began in 6 provinces that are Aceh, Central Kalimantan, Central Sulawesi, West Java (Cirebon), Central Java (Solo, Sukoharjo, Tansan), East Java (Surabaya). The release of this program also expected to make Indonesian products compete in the global market.
The program made in PROSPECT include helping rattan farmers in the process of providing environmentally friendly rattan raw materials. The government give counseling for rattan farmers to prepare rattan raw materials that are eco-friendly starting from planting rattan, harvesting rattan, and processing it until it becomes ready for use.
After the process of rattan raw materials that are environmentally friendly, the PROSPECT program also helps producers in improving product design. The program also helps promote Indonesian rattan products that are eco-friendly through international standard exhibitions such as IFINA, IFEX, TEI (Jakarta, Indonesia) and IMM KoeIn (Germany). With this program, Indonesia expected to be able to develop more eco-friendly rattan production.