Hotel Furniture Project Exporter

Travel has become new economy for many countries. As the technology of internet advance, the ease of choosing accommodation also increase. As the result, new hotels flourish in tourist destination. Consequently the demand for furniture increase rapidly, including the demand for rattan furniture.

In most of hotel area, rattan furniture can be used. In the lobby area, natural rattan can be placed as  occasional chairs, or living sets. In the restaurant area, natural rattan can be made for dining chairs and tables. In swimming pool area, synthetic rattan is better than natural rattan to be used as loungers, lazy chairs, and day beds. And finally for the Guess Room area, natural rattan chair is more suitable in form of occasional chair and work chair.

Below is sample picture rattan for hotel furniture project.

Hotel Furniture Project

Mitra Berkah Abadi can also export hotel furniture . MBA can produce both natural and synthetic furniture.  MBA accept to quote design provided by hotel clients before order so the hotel can choose the design that meets their needs  and budget.

Minimum order for hotel project is 1 x 20 ft container which can fit around 200 pcs of dining chairs. Minimum order per model is 10 pcs. This requirement is very affordable for our client , because in one container the clients can buy several models. For more information about hotel furniture you can contact us.

Exporteurs de Meubles en rotin

Les exportateurs de meubles en rotin sont des exportateurs de meubles en rotin naturel ou 
synthétique. Certains pays exportant des meubles en rotin sont les Philippines, l'Indonésie, 
la Malaisie, le Vietnam et la Chine. Les Philippines sont le premier pays qui exporte des 
meubles en rotin. Après cela, l'Indonésie et la Malaisie. La Chine exporte ensuite des meubles 
en rotin lorsque l'Indonésie exporte des matières premières en rotin vers la Chine. 
Le Vietnam est le dernier pays qui exporte des meubles en rotin dans le monde.
L'Indonésie est le plus grand meuble en rotin naturel au monde. Ce n'est pas étonnant, 
car la plus grande forêt de rotin se trouve en Indonésie. Environ 80% des rotins sont 
cultivés dans la forêt indonésienne. La forêt de rotin est située dans 3 grandes îles 
indonésiennes: Sumatera, Kalimantan et Sulawesi. La forêt dans ces 3 grandes îles sont 
encore nombreuses. Les rotins poussent en bonne santé dans ces forêts.
Bien que la forêt de rotin soit située à l’extérieur de l’île de Java, le centre de 
l’industrie du meuble en rotin se trouve toujours sur l’île de Java. Il y a plusieurs villes 
de l'île de Java dont la principale industrie du meuble en rotin. Il y a Cirebon, Solo, 
Surabaya et Jepara. Java est toujours le centre de l'industrie du meuble en rotin car
 l'infrastructure de cette île est toujours la meilleure pour soutenir l'industrie.
 Sans le soutien d'infrastructures telles que l'électricité, les routes, le port maritime
 international, il est difficile de nourrir l'industrie orientée vers l'exportation, 
comme l'industrie du meuble en rotin.
Mitra Berkah Abadi est une entreprise capable d'exporter et de produire des meubles 
naturels et en rotin. MBA Furniture peut produire des meubles basés sur la conception du client.
 Le mobilier MBA est situé dans la ville de Cirebon. Les meubles MBA acceptent un ordre 
minimum de 1 conteneur de 40 pieds et dans le conteneur, le client peut avoir plus d'un 
modèle / design. Le client peut avoir 10-15 modèles dans un conteneur. Cette fonctionnalité
 est très utile pour le petit importateur de meubles en rotin.

Rattan Handbags Exporter

Rattan handbags exporter is manufacturer, producer or exporter of rattan handbag. The handbags could be made from natural or synthetic rattan. And usually the bag also use other material such as leather or fabric to make the bags more beautiful. Below is the picture of rattan handbag.

Rattan Handbag

Now the use of rattan for handbag become more popular. For people who do not like to wear fashion gears made from animal parts, they can wear rattan handbags.  Beside, rattan is eco-friendly material because to harvest rattan , the farmer do not need to cut trees. Hopefully the use of rattan or other natural fiber for bags industry will increase.

Big Fashion model also release various design of rattan handbags. Indonesia as the biggest exporter of natural rattan bags could be the best partner for handbag designers in the world. Hopefully, increasing the use of rattan material for handbags, could increase the welfare of small industry and farmers in Indonesia.

Mitra Berkah Abadi also export rattan handbags. For more information of various rattan handbags you can contact us

Jennie Kim Blackpink and Peacock Chair

Jennie Kim is member of Blackpink Music Group from South Korea. Both Jennie and Blackpink now is very popular for young generation. This K-Pop Group Music is very famous and their songs become Hit in many countries. Therefore the individual character of Blackpink is become headlines in pop media.

One of the Blackpink member is Jennie Kim. She also release solo single with title “Solo”. Jennie also became the ambassador of Chanel . No wonder what Jennie wear, and buy become trend four young female generation. In her single Video, Solo, she sits on one famous Rattan Chair design, which is a Peacock Chair. She sits in one white beautiful rattan chair in this video. The gown she wear in this video is also beautiful with flower motif.  She looks very pretty in this  dress.

Maybe not many know that Peacock Rattan Chair is made in Indonesia , specifically in Cirebon city. The chair is made from natural rattan material that grows in Borneo island.  Because the size of the chair is bigger than average chair, the chair is also name as King Chair.

Below is the picture of the Peacock chair in Jennie Kim Video

Blackpink Peacock Chair

Mitra Berkah Abadi can also produce peacock chair like in this video. Beside we have also more models of peacock chair for your needs. Please contact us for more information of this Peacock Chair


Exportadores De Muebles De Ratán

Los exportadores de muebles de ratán son exportadores de muebles hechos de ratán natural o sintético. Algunos países que exportan muebles de ratán son Filipinas, Indonesia, Malasia, Vietnam y China. Filipinas es el primer país que exporta muebles de ratán. Después de eso Indonesia y Malasia. China luego exporta muebles de ratán cuando Indonesia exporta material de ratán crudo a China. Vietnam es el último país que exporta muebles de ratán al mundo.

Indonesia es el mueble de ratán natural más grande del mundo. Esto no es de extrañar porque el 
mayor bosque de ratán se encuentra en Indonesia. 
Alrededor del 80% de los árboles de ratán se cultivan en el bosque de Indonesia. 
El bosque de ratán se encuentra en 3 islas grandes en Indonesia: Sumatra, Kalimantan y Sulawesi. 
El bosque en estas 3 islas grandes todavía es abundante. Los árboles de ratán crecen sanos en 
estos bosques.
Aunque el bosque de ratán se encuentra fuera de la isla de Java, la industria central de muebles 
de ratán todavía se encuentra en la isla de Java. Hay varias ciudades en la isla de Java que son 
la principal industria de muebles de ratán. Hay Cirebon, Solo, Surabaya y Jepara. Java sigue siendo 
el centro de la industria de muebles de ratán porque la infraestructura en esta isla sigue siendo 
la mejor para apoyar a la industria. 
Sin el apoyo de la infraestructura como la electricidad, las carreteras, el puerto marítimo 
internacional, es difícil nutrir a la industria orientada a la exportación como la industria de 
muebles de ratán.
Mitra Berkah Abadi es una empresa que puede exportar y producir muebles naturales y de ratán. 
MBA Furniture puede producir muebles basados ​​en el diseño del cliente. Muebles de MBA se encuentra 
en la ciudad de Cirebon. Los muebles de MBA aceptan un pedido mínimo de 1 contenedor de 40 pies 
y en el contenedor el cliente puede tener más de 1 modelo / diseño. 
El cliente puede tener 10-15 modelos en un contenedor. Esta característica es muy útil para el 
pequeño importador de muebles de ratán.