Rattan handbags exporter is manufacturer, producer or exporter of rattan handbag. The handbags could be made from natural or synthetic rattan. And usually the bag also use other material such as leather or fabric to make the bags more beautiful. Below is the picture of rattan handbag.

Rattan Handbag

Now the use of rattan for handbag become more popular. For people who do not like to wear fashion gears made from animal parts, they can wear rattan handbags.  Beside, rattan is eco-friendly material because to harvest rattan , the farmer do not need to cut trees. Hopefully the use of rattan or other natural fiber for bags industry will increase.

Big Fashion model also release various design of rattan handbags. Indonesia as the biggest exporter of natural rattan bags could be the best partner for handbag designers in the world. Hopefully, increasing the use of rattan material for handbags, could increase the welfare of small industry and farmers in Indonesia.

Mitra Berkah Abadi also export rattan handbags. For more information of various rattan handbags you can contact us