Travel has become new economy for many countries. As the technology of internet advance, the ease of choosing accommodation also increase. As the result, new hotels flourish in tourist destination. Consequently the demand for furniture increase rapidly, including the demand for rattan furniture.

In most of hotel area, rattan furniture can be used. In the lobby area, natural rattan can be placed as  occasional chairs, or living sets. In the restaurant area, natural rattan can be made for dining chairs and tables. In swimming pool area, synthetic rattan is better than natural rattan to be used as loungers, lazy chairs, and day beds. And finally for the Guess Room area, natural rattan chair is more suitable in form of occasional chair and work chair.

Below is sample picture rattan for hotel furniture project.

Hotel Furniture Project

Mitra Berkah Abadi can also export hotel furniture . MBA can produce both natural and synthetic furniture.  MBA accept to quote design provided by hotel clients before order so the hotel can choose the design that meets their needs  and budget.

Minimum order for hotel project is 1 x 20 ft container which can fit around 200 pcs of dining chairs. Minimum order per model is 10 pcs. This requirement is very affordable for our client , because in one container the clients can buy several models. For more information about hotel furniture you can contact us.