Do you have many things in your house and often looks messy? Are you looking for an old-fashioned room decoration? One of these rattan handicrafts can be option such as rattan baskets. Not only for storage, rattan baskets has unique and beautiful designs making it suitable for room decorations.
Rattan basket has many benefits. In Indonesia, rattan baskets often used as a place to put gifts such as parcels and wedding delivery. Rattan baskets have more value compared to cardboard or plastic. This is because rattan baskets have many attractive designs that are suitable for placing gifts.
When you shopping, rattan baskets can be your friend. You can use rattan baskets instead of plastic bags. The use of plastics is being restricted to prevent environmental damage from getting worse. The weight of rattan baskets are light so they are easy to carry.
Rattan handicraft has the advantage of being waterproof. You can put the rattan basket in a humid place even like in the bathroom. You can use rattan baskets as a place for dirty clothes. Even though it is waterproof, do not to put the rattan basket directly into water too often.
Rattan basket is not only for being a place for dirty clothes, rattan baskets can also use as laundry baskets. A laundry usually consisting of wet clothes can usually make a basket break easily. If you use a rattan basket, you do not need to worry that the basket will break because rattan is strong material.
You can use the rattan basket for blanket or clean clothes storage. Then put the rattan basket in your room. Instead of disturbing the view, the rattan basket instead gives a rustic style that makes the room more beautiful. Rattan baskets can also use as children’s toy containers. You do not need to worry about the child being injured if accidently hit by a rattan basket because of its lightweight material and neat finishing.
To maintain Rattan basket is quite easy, just cleaned it with a dry cloth. Rattan baskets are also easy to move so to set them up is very easy. In choosing a rattan basket, adjust the size to your needs. The price offered for rattan baskets is quite cheap starting from 2.5 for one small basket. also export , produce and sell rattan basket from Indonesia. Please contact us for more information regarding importing basket to your country