As time goes by, global warming is starting to threaten the life of nature and humans. Humans need to look for other alternative materials that are environmentally friendly. There are many eco-friendly programs have been implemented by the community and government.

All aspects of life are affected by global warming without exception included the production of rattan furniture. Nowadays, synthetic rattan has begun to emerge which can be used as an alternative material besides natural rattan. Even though there are still many companies that use natural rattan as a basis for their production.

Synthetic rattan is rattan made from plastic material. There are two types of material for making synthetic rattan, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Both types of material are hazardous chemicals that need to be monitored for their use. However, synthetic rattan products is already safe to use by humans.

The characteristics of synthetic rattan are more flexible so that they are easily formed for furniture with futuristic designs. Customers prefer rattan products with modern designs. Modern designs tend to be more varied, so they require materials that are easily formed.

Another benefit of synthetic rattan is the production process that does not require a long time. This will make production costs cheaper and producers can accept more customers orders. The level of customer satisfaction affected by the pace of the production process.

Synthetic rattan production can bear sunlight and it can be used as outdoor furniture. Synthetic rattan products are also water resistant. This is because synthetic rattan gets additional material such as UV protection, anti-oxidant, anti-static, and color guard.

On the other hand, Synthetic rattan also has weaknesses. The color of synthetic rattan is quickly fades and it is easily broke if using the wrong material. In terms of thickness, synthetic rattan is thinner so that it causes furniture to break easily.

Synthetic rattan made from polyethylene tends to be more expensive compared to other materials. Although this material is safer to use, to get polyethylene requires more funds. Even there are affordable products but they have lower quality.

Both natural and synthetic rattan products have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Customers can choose products according to their needs without worrying about the quality of rattan products. Rattan products already have guaranteed quality and the market seems tend to prefer rattan products. produces both natural rattan and synthetic rattan furniture. For more information about both products you can contact us.