Rattan Furniture Made In Indonesia

The rattan furniture is quite familiar right now. So many people use this items to decorate their properties such as the house, apartment, cafe and so on. They look so good.

One of the countries which is known for it’s products is Indonesia. 70 percent of the world’s needs are supplied from this country. The quality is quite high and durable.

The design and idea of furniture from these materials has changed the world. Rattan, which grows very fast compared to wood, becomes one of the most valuable commodities.

The good thing is that, nowadays the rattan furniture can be used in various different interior and exterior concepts. Here are some of those ideas which you may apply.

Hanging Chair

This idea is so out of the box. The hanging chair which is made from this natural material is looked so amazing and aesthetic at the same time. It is good for the exterior and interior.

For the indoor idea, place it in one of the corners in your living room area. Combine it with the wood furniture or sofa will be great. How about the use for the exteriors or outdoor space?

Terrace is one of the most recommended place. You may hang one or even two rattan furniture chairs there and use a small round table between then. Don’t forget to place a small carpet too.

The key is the color combination. If you want to get the natural nuance, just apply the dark or light brown shades. Those are the natural colors of this material. It will steal the attention.

Bean Bag Rattan Furniture

The second option is a bean bag which is made from this natural material. The shape is really looked like a bean bag with it’s round characteristic. Where you should place them?

The outdoor garden will be amazing. Dont forget to place a small square or round table between two chairs. To make it is more comfortable, apply the small mattress or pillow.

This spot will be a perfect place to spend the afternoon while drinking the fresh juices, cocktails, or maybe snacking. Rattan furniture is durable and strong at the same time.

That is why; you can use for both; indoor or outdoor area. It suits with any types of home designs whether it is the classical, modern, or even the sophisticated ones.

Semi – sofa Chairs

Most of the people love and familiar with the sofa, right? Usually, it is made from the woods and soft mattress. However, in this era, it can be made from the rattan material as well.

The shape of this rattan furniture is like a capsule, but it has a wide hole at the front area. After that, you may place the long mattress and several pillows with the harmonic color.

This design is perfect if you have a resort or house which is located near a beautiful place. The example is like near the beach, lake, mountain, and so on. Just place it in the garden.

That will be a great spot to receive the sunlight in the morning. This unique rattan furniture also lets you to enjoy the surrounded scenery while reading a book, and more.

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Rattan Furniture