There are two types of rattan that are used by the wicker furniture manufacturers, namely synthetic and natural rattan. They a lot reduced because of these advantages, so that many are interested.

Natural rattan is harvested from the rattan plant. Natural ones has advantages in terms of material which can display a luxurious and classy natural impression. The production process that goes through to produce natural rattan furnishing is indeed quite long, this is done in order to produce a product that has its own advantages.

Apart from this process, the weight factor of natural furnishing is also an important point in selecting this product from wicker furniture manufacturers. In addition, another problem is the durability and maintenance process of this natural furniture product.

The weather factor is also often a major obstacle. Natural rattan furniture is not appropriate when placed in an outdoor area, because it will be easily damaged if it is exposed to continuous sunlight and rainwater.

Advantages of Rattan Material Liked by Wicker Furniture Manufacturers

Natural material is lightweight. Therefore, furniture made from rattan is in great demand by the market. It is light and this is the reasons why the type of material is very popular. Even so, this material is also sturdy, not inferior to other materials.

Maintenance of this chair is very easy, considering the material is resistant and does not absorb water. No need to worry if your chair gets stained with spilled drinks or other liquids. You only need to clean the dirt with a dry cloth and it doesn’t need difficult maintenance.

To clean the holes in the webbing that are difficult to reach, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to reach them. It can be said that furnishing produced by wicker furniture manufacturers does not require complicated maintenance, so it is very popular.

Another advantage is that because of its flexibility, this material can be formed into various designs more easily. The designs can also vary according to trends that are currently popular with the community. The natural brown color can also give a very thick aesthetic impression.

Create Synthetic Rattan’s Great Quality

Polyethylene is often used to create synthetic rattan. This material is lighter than the natural ones but has advantages that natural ones does not have. The first advantage is that synthetic materials are more durable against sunlight and rainwater exposure, so they are very suitable for outdoor furniture.

In addition, synthetic materials that used by wicker furniture manufacturers also have a wider variety of colors than natural ones. That way, the color choices for synthetic furniture will certainly be more varied and varied. Another plus is that webbing can be tidier.

Synthetic rattan is very liked by consumers because it is easier to maintain than the natural ones. In addition, synthetic is also resistant to fungi and rodents, so it lasts longer. For self – care, you don’t need to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, just use a cloth from a damp cloth.

Both natural and synthetic have their respective advantages and disadvantages. You can adjust it to your needs. If you want a more affordable price but high quality, then synthetic can be an option. However, if you want a classy, ​​classic look, you can choose the natural rattan furniture that many wicker furniture manufacturers produce. is also one of cane furniture exporters located in Cirebon, West Java Indonesia. It can produce both natural and synthetic cane furniture. For more information you can contact us here

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