Rattan Basket Exporter Indonesia

Do you have many things in your house and often looks messy? Are you looking for an old-fashioned room decoration? One of these rattan handicrafts can be option such as rattan baskets. Not only for storage, rattan baskets has unique and beautiful designs making it suitable for room decorations.
Rattan basket has many benefits. In Indonesia, rattan baskets often used as a place to put gifts such as parcels and wedding delivery. Rattan baskets have more value compared to cardboard or plastic. This is because rattan baskets have many attractive designs that are suitable for placing gifts.
When you shopping, rattan baskets can be your friend. You can use rattan baskets instead of plastic bags. The use of plastics is being restricted to prevent environmental damage from getting worse. The weight of rattan baskets are light so they are easy to carry.
Rattan handicraft has the advantage of being waterproof. You can put the rattan basket in a humid place even like in the bathroom. You can use rattan baskets as a place for dirty clothes. Even though it is waterproof, do not to put the rattan basket directly into water too often.
Rattan basket is not only for being a place for dirty clothes, rattan baskets can also use as laundry baskets. A laundry usually consisting of wet clothes can usually make a basket break easily. If you use a rattan basket, you do not need to worry that the basket will break because rattan is strong material.
You can use the rattan basket for blanket or clean clothes storage. Then put the rattan basket in your room. Instead of disturbing the view, the rattan basket instead gives a rustic style that makes the room more beautiful. Rattan baskets can also use as children’s toy containers. You do not need to worry about the child being injured if accidently hit by a rattan basket because of its lightweight material and neat finishing.
To maintain Rattan basket is quite easy, just cleaned it with a dry cloth. Rattan baskets are also easy to move so to set them up is very easy. In choosing a rattan basket, adjust the size to your needs. The price offered for rattan baskets is quite cheap starting from 2.5 for one small basket. 
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Eco-Friendly Rattan Products

Lately eco-friendly campaigns are spreading out all over the world. The call to protect the environment includes all aspects of human life. Starting from reducing the use of plastic to the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment.
The government has recently called on industries throughout Indonesia to labeled products as eco-friendly. Depends on the fact that Indonesia has many export activities, recipient countries want the goods they ordered has eco-friendly label. This is not without purpose because in other country outside Indonesia eco-friendly campaigns already begin.
This also has an impact on the rattan industry, which is the largest industry in Indonesia. The concept of eco-friendly applied starting from the process of procuring raw materials to finishing product. With this program, it is expected that industry players until consumers are aware of protecting the environment.
This policy still has many shortcomings that need to be develop so that the policy can run well. Among them is the difficulty of finding materials for production such as natural dyes or preservatives. The initial step of the government can provide subsidies in the form of natural materials that can be use in rattan production.
The government is working with the European Union to create a PROSPECT (Promoting Sustainable Consumption of Eco Friendly Rattan Products Indonesia) program to promote ecofriendly rattan products. This activity already began in 6 provinces that are Aceh, Central Kalimantan, Central Sulawesi, West Java (Cirebon), Central Java (Solo, Sukoharjo, Tansan), East Java (Surabaya). The release of this program also expected to make Indonesian products compete in the global market.
The program made in PROSPECT include helping rattan farmers in the process of providing environmentally friendly rattan raw materials. The government give counseling for rattan farmers to prepare rattan raw materials that are eco-friendly starting from planting rattan, harvesting rattan, and processing it until it becomes ready for use.
After the process of rattan raw materials that are environmentally friendly, the PROSPECT program also helps producers in improving product design. The program also helps promote Indonesian rattan products that are eco-friendly through international standard exhibitions such as IFINA, IFEX, TEI (Jakarta, Indonesia) and IMM KoeIn (Germany). With this program, Indonesia expected to be able to develop more eco-friendly rattan production. 

The Beauty of Rattan Products

Rattan is a popular raw material for furniture. Various types of furniture mostly made by rattan because rattan is easy to formed. We can easily find rattan furniture starting from ordinary homes to shopping centers and offices.
Rattan furniture become popular because it has a beautiful plait but still seems simple. Rattan handicraft is also not too over-looked because of the natural vibe that already attached to rattan. That is some reason why rattan crafts often used as room decorations.
The differences rattan furniture from other materials, rattan furniture can be outdoor or indoor decoration. Rattan can withstand sun exposure and waterproof. Rattan Furniture is easy to clean and not easy to stain. This causes many to choose rattan as furniture.
The following below are some inspiration rattan furniture for your room decoration:
1. Rattan Living Chair
Despite having a simple design, this rattan chair still looks elegant. This rattan chair is suitable placed in the living room of your house. The addition of cushion can be an option so that the rattan chair feels more comfortable. Rattan has a unique natural color, which is easy to combine with any color.
2. Rattan Leisure Chairs
For those of you who like to relax in this lounge chair can be a choice. The unique and beautiful shape can make this lounge chair suitable for decorating your room. Complete with additional beautiful cushion can make you feel at home relaxing on this rattan lounge chair.
3. Rattan Beds
Do you feel bored with the same bed model? You can change to this rattan bed. Rattan has flexible properties so it is easy to form even with difficult variations. This rattan bed has guarantee to provide comfort that makes your sleep quality better.
4. Rattan Mirror
Do you want to make a mirror in your home look more beautiful? You can use this rattan mirror, one of them. The beautiful shape seen will make you happy to linger in front of the mirror. Not only used as a mirror, rattan mirror will be the wall decoration of your room.
5. Rattan Lampshade
If your room looks boring and needs a new decoration, one of these rattan products can be an option. You can make rattan lampshade to enhance your room’s appearance. The dim light created by the rattan lampshade will make you feel calm and comfortable.

How to Plant Rattan

The rattan industry always has profitable results. The market demand comes continuously to make the rattan industry alive. Rattan is considered to have more value than other wood products. This makes rattan has a high economic value. Most of the need for rattan comes from developed countries like America, Japan and Europe.
Indonesia is the largest rattan producing country in the world. Almost 80% of the world’s need for rattan exported from Indonesia. This makes Indonesia able to export both finished and raw rattan products. Until now, most of the rattan products are still obtained from natural forests or without cultivation. This should be watched out for if one day the amount of rattan will be run-out in the wild.
Currently in Indonesia there are only a few who develop rattan cultivation. In fact, rattan cultivation is quite easy and does not require difficult maintenance. To start planting rattan can use rattan seeds or through saplings (stem buds). Rattan seeds used come from old rattan fruits.
Before planting rattan seeds, there are several processes that must be carried out. First, separate the seeds with pulp by pounding them. The fruit is pounded slowly with a heavy pounder and make sure to not break the seeds. Furthermore, the seeds that have been separated are fermented for 1 day. After that, wash the rattan seeds with running water. When washing rattan seeds, crush the rattan seeds with the feet using boots.
Rattan cultivation can utilize old rubber plantations. Rattan plants are plants that live spread in other plants to find out sunlight. This is because rattan plants have thin stems. There are many thorns on the stems of rattan plants. The function of thorns to make it easy for rattan plants to stick to other plants.
Harvesting the results of rattan does not require a difficult process just because the stems have tight spines. To harvest the results of rattan, the first thing to do is find for the shoots of plants. Then prune and peel the tops of the rattan plants. After finding the edge of the rattan, pull all the rattan sticks together and roll it. This will make the rattan sticks clear of sharp thorns.

Rattan Pets House for Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs are often used as pets. Pet’s funny behavior can make the owner happy. Pets can be friends by their owners. This makes the owners always want to give the best for their pets. Pets like to spend their time for playing, eating and sleeping. After feeling tired of playing and the stomach is full, pets will find a place to rest. Pet owners can provide a home for pets to rest.
Houses for pets have many types, the popular one is the animal house made of rattan. Many famous pets use this rattan animal home. This rattan animal craft house originated from Indonesia but it already spread throughout the world.
The cute and unique shape makes this rattan animal house a favorite place for pets. Not only as a home for pets, this rattan animal house can be a room decoration. This is because rattan can be formed into any form, from easy to complicated shapes.
Not only for resting, this rattan animal house can reduce heat in pets. This is because rattan can have a cool material and does not make users feel heat. Your pet will feel comfortable when resting in his house. This rattan animal house is suitable as a gift for your pet.
How to care for rattan animal houses is quite easy. If it seems dusty you can clean it with a wet cloth. For the sidelines of woven rattan can be cleaned using a toothbrush. If there are rattan fibers you can use scissors to cut it.
For one animal house priced at hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. This depends on the level of difficulty of the rattan animal house. The more complicated the design the more expensive the price. You will not be disappointed because this rattan animal house can last a long time.

The New Trend Of Rattan Swing

Swing seat is a game that is loved by all ages from toddlers to adults. It turns out that besides being use as a game it also has other benefits for humans. According to research swing can be used as one sport that has a positive impact on health. You can burn as many as 200 calories for 60 minutes swings. This same as do some sports in a fitness center.
Swing seat is very popular in every age, but not everyone can have their own swing seat. Usually swings can only be found in public areas such as tourist attractions and city parks. If you want to enjoy the swing seat at home there is an option that is the rattan swing seat. This rattan swing seat is easily to install inside the house.
Although the name is rattan swing seat, this swing seat is only made of synthetic rattan, not natural rattan. This rattan swing seat measures around 200 cm and 110 cm in diameter. This swing seat can carry things up to 150 kg. It has large and wide shape makes this swing able to be used by two people at once.
Many shapes and designs vary from this rattan swing seat. Starting from the round, oval and other unique shapes. This rattan craft become popular because its aesthetic design can make value to the beauty of the room. Installing this rattan swing seat is also easy and doesn’t take up much space.
The placement of rattan swing seat in the house has many functions. It is not only to adding a beautiful impression to the room, rattan swings can be used to relax. Rattan swing seat will give you relaxation time so that it can reduce the heavy burden on you. You can put a swing of rattan on the terrace so that when you relax you can feel the breeze that adds to the feeling of comfort.
Rattan swing seat is now widely used in outdoor and indoor tourist attractions. Tourist destinations that use rattan swings while offering natural beauty include Prambanan Temple, Dago Dream Park, Kemit Forest and many more. Many visitors make rattan swings to take pictures with friends and family.
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