Outdoor Rattan Chair

Outdoor Rattan Chair For Your House

For now, an outdoor rattan chair is one of the best pieces of furniture that you can buy. It’s beautiful, perfect, and it also offers comfiness. You might be so interesting to have one, but we suggest just choosing the best because the lifespan will be longer.

After a long thought and consideration in choosing a chair, the decision often goes toward the natural-look plus premium one. Yes, the rattan has fulfilled this consideration and you can just easily buy one and put that in your house.

Because if you choose the other, there would be no perfect experience as what rattan chair offer. This is the best choice and you could not doubt it. If you put this chair in your garden, frankly speaking, your garden would be leveled up significantly.

It just gives you the union impression for the chair and the garden, the green grass, with the brown rattan logs. But, we hope that you can find the best chair to put in your garden. When you choose it, we have some suggestions and tricks to find the best one.

Choose the Best Outdoor Rattan Chair, but How?

So that you can get the perfect impression for your rattan chair, then the best choice is the answer. But the consideration, if you want high quality is the price that will be issued, will also be expensive. So, adjust the “best” with the budget.

For example, if you have a suitable budget for a synthetic rattan chair, then make sure that the synthetic one must also be the best. The quality of outdoor rattan chairs is very good, but for longer service time, the material used must be reliable.

So that the impression of this chair is more perfect, you must adjust it to the garden theme. If the garden emphasizes the impression of nature, then the colors that can be chosen are those that are by nature as well.

Also, adjust to the outdoor space you have. Because the placement and position of this chair will determine whether this furniture can give a luxurious and comfortable impression or even make it too cramped. So, plan the layout for the chairs and garden.

Outdoor Rattan Chair Models That Might be Interesting to Have

Rattan chair is basically an elastic fibrous plant that brings out a natural and premium feel at the same time. The lifestyle tropical environment is very strong so it can provide additional relaxation to be placed outdoors.

An abundant style is also one of the reasons why you should take a chair from this rattan. Once placed in the right position, it will instantly make your terrace or courtyard look more beautiful to guests who come.

Rattan chair is also very suitable for you to choose because it can be used in any room. For example, in the outdoor, you want to use it as a place to eat, an outdoor living room, so that it is also suitable to be used as a relaxing chair made in the form of a swing.

So, what are you waiting for? Still hesitant to take a set of chairs made of this rattan? Our outdoor rattan chair is sure you can apply it anywhere, even without having to move things that are already outside.


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Outdoor Rattan Chair

Rattan Sofa

Rattan Sofa For Your Home

Where is the most suitable place to put a rattan sofa? This one question is still often asked because currently, not much space is owned by people in their homes. However, the more precise the placement of a sofa, the better its function.

It is very fitting if we put this sofa made of rattan at home. It doesn’t matter whether indoor or outdoor. This sofa gives a luxurious impression in every corner of your house. But many people choose other materials because of space problems to put this sofa.

However, compared to other materials, it is true that the sofa made of rattan is a little heavier because it is made of real natural materials. If the owner has found the most appropriate place for this beautiful sofa, it is very rare to want to move it again.

If the positioning is incorrect, it will take effort to correct it in order to be able to show that beautiful visual. So, hoping you don’t move it again, we have a suggestion so you can get a better position for your nice-looking sofa.

The Best Outdoor Position for Rattan Sofa

Sofa that is made from rattan is often put outdoor, in the garden for instance. But somehow, there are some statements that said every natural sofa may not be put outside the roof for too long. In fact, this is not totally true as you can put it anywhere.

Yes, you can put it anywhere, but how to make it don’t take a lot of space? Though, the best way to put rattan sofa outdoor is in the area that is spacy. The positioning isn’t mattered crucially as the sofa can be detached in every direction outside the house.

You can put it toward the house or backward it. If you do have not a long space, you can put it at a 90-degree angle so the area taken would not too large. The configuration is all up to the owner but should ensure the legroom and beside the sofa is still walkable.

The Best to Place Rattan Sofa Indoor

In outdoor, maybe you could put anything hit-or-miss. But if you put it indoors, there would be much more challenges as you need to put it thoroughly and make the visual perfect. Exactly you want every single person that comes to your house to feel comfortable, right?

The L-shape Sofa would be perfect as it doesn’t take a lot of one-way space and still can fit any stuff with variation and combination that somehow make your house more aesthetic. Regardless of the space, as the owner, you will see the flexibility on the L-shape.

This sofa will be put inside the living room and in some time, it would need to be cleaned. If the positioning is fit, you can easily make the space clean at any time. The L-shape is just the perfect idea and could be applied in the corner or the middle of the room.

For those who like rattan, we would say that was just a great taste and creative mind. Especially if you apply them to a sofa, the comfy and premium look would show up. But keep in mind that the rattan sofa is heavy, so you must get the best positioning for it.

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Rattan Sofa

Garden Sofa Set

Garden Sofa Set

This is a piece of furniture that is believed to be able to increase the living standard of every people. Because in the outdoor and while relaxing on the sofa, you can enjoy everyday life comfortably. But don’t let the Garden Sofa Set get damaged quickly!

Whichever outdoor furniture you choose, we only have one mainstay, namely rattan. Especially for sofa sets, the selection of leather materials looks old-fashioned and ordinary. But if there was a luxurious yet durable material, then would be the perfect option.

But if placed outdoor, all items require special handling so that the quality is not eroded. Even though it is a natural material, if it is placed outside, there must still be something to protect it from being exposed to rain and sun damage.

Rattan sofa is essential in your home so don’t forget to put this furniture in you garden if you have one. Additionally, from the appearance alone we can see how well it fits on green grass. However, so that the service life is longer, there are several ways to treat it.

How to Protect Rattan Garden Sofa Set from Sun Damage?

Sun damage is one that can affect the quality of your sofa set over time. If you put it outdoors without any special treatment, then UV rays from the sun will damage the structure to the appearance, the color for instance.

So, as much as possible if the day is very hot, pull the garden sofa set to a shady place. Indeed, rattan is known to be resistant to sunlight, but too much can cause sun damage. But be careful because rattan is known to be quite heavy.

So, to make it easier to block out the sun and rain, you can provide a large patio umbrella to cover the furniture. Just look for one that opens and closes, and only with the right patio umbrella will these rattan tables, sofas, and shelves be maintained.

Problem UV may be a little penetrate the patio umbrella. If you want even more protection, you can provide UV protection spray that is sprayed. With this UV protection spray, we can guarantee that the color and structure will not be affected by sun damage.

Does Garden Sofa Set Take a lot of Space?

One more consideration when people want to find complementary furniture for their homes is size. If the empty space is limited, then it will be difficult to put a sofa set. But if this problem lies in the size of the sofa set that is too large, you can buy a separate one.

Basically, the size of this sofa is not much different from the ordinary sofa you usually find. Words to describe it is, the sofa set will occupy a lot of space in your garden. Especially if you choose a unique shape, it will require extra space again.

But the good news is, there are some sofa sets that are detachable. You can arrange it by yourself, change the position if it doesn’t fit in a certain space. So, this innovation will not make you provide a lot of space to decorate the rattan sofa.

For anyone who has a sofa set in his garden, you are very lucky. But it turns out everyone can have one too! There is no need for extra-large space to put a garden sofa set, but it must be maintained so that it does not get damaged quickly.

Rattanmeuble.com also produce garden sofa set and rattan sofa both from natural or synthetic rattan. For more information regarding order, you can contact us here

Garden Sofa Set

Dining Rattan Chair

Dining Rattan Chair For Your  House

For now, have you used a rattan dining chair ? Instead of using other materials, we suggest that it is better for the dining table to use rattan, the chairs as well. But if it is not cared for properly, mold and other impurities may arise.

Rattan furniture is divided into two versions, namely natural rattan and synthetic rattan. Both have their own characteristics and of course, differ in terms of price. But when it comes to furniture, don’t hesitate to choose the best one because of the price consideration.

Don’t worry too much about the price, but see what you get later. Furniture made of rattan may be more expensive than plastic material. But in terms of durability and maintenance, we believe that a dining set would be more suitable made of rattan.

But the problem here is how you take care of the dining set. There are times when the dining set can’t even function properly due to certain problems. One of the most common problems is the build-up of mold and other bacteria, but these can be cleaned up.

Can Rattan Dining Chair Gets Moldy?

Yes, to answer the question of whether the dining table set has mold or not, this actually goes back to the steps and the way the owner treats it. Furniture will be free from those disgusting things if the cleaning method is correct, especially after use.

Dining sets are usually used as a place to eat, so they are very prone to bacteria. In addition to the way you care for this dining set, the cause of mold can be caused by the selection of poor-quality rattan. Super quality rattan is claimed to be mold-free.

The position of the dining table and chairs is also very influential. If it is placed in a humid room or a place that is identical to other molds, the potential for mold to develop on the furniture will be even greater so it must be cleaned more diligently.

How to Get Rid of the Mold on Rattan Dining Chair?

But if the rattan is already overgrown with mold, then there are several ways to get rid of it. You can start using antimold soap and wipe it on a rattan chair that has been doused with water. After that, remove it from an area exposed to the sun and dry it.

If the mold is dead and difficult to remove, the way to make the rattan dining chair can still be used is to add a layer of paint to the surface of the furniture. As much as possible before painting, rub the mold area with sandpaper until smooth.

Tung oil is also a means of preventing as well as removing mold that arises. Tung oil has the same properties as detergents, which are corrosive to grubby things. So, only the mold will be removed without damaging the surface of the dining set.

In this way, you can be sure that mildew and mold will disappear without having to spend a large budget. This simple method can be practiced at any time to the furniture you have, but after that, you must make sure to take care of the rattan dining chair properly.


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Rattan Dining Chair

Sofa For Garden

Sofa For Garden For Your Home

What kind of sofa for garden are you looking for? Is it colorful or do you prefer the monochrome one because it is more compatible with the grass in yard. But the most important thing is, there will be a special treatment to the sofa in the garden.

Breathing fresh air and enjoying exposure to the sun will really help you overcome fatigue, boredom, and help you come up with new ideas. Instead of having to do it in other areas, you can do it just by staying at home.

Staying at home and spending time in the garden while doing certain activities will improve the quality of our lives. But to be able to enjoy it more, then we will need some furniture that is placed on the grass or in a special block in the backyard.

However, in an era like today, the most popular choice is a sofa, especially one made of rattan. Rattan gives a scandinavian feel with an extraordinarily good quality. But if it is placed in the garden, there are some considerations and special treatments.

Consideration to Put Rattan Sofa for Garden

Furniture such as this sofa has many versions and depends on the basic material as well. If you want something that looks luxurious, you can choose full leather, there are super comfortable and rattan fabrics that can give a premium and natural impression.

The main consideration is a matter of cost. The aspect of this cost is to think about how much you will spend in terms of premium quality materials to synthetic ones. Make sure that you pay the right cost for the materials you will get.

Later, the rattan will be added with maintenance. Although durable, this sofa for garden material still requires maintenance, starting from regular cleaning or repainting because the color scheme chosen for the sofa is certainly the most attractive to the owner.

With these costs, you just have to look after and take care of them so that the costs that have been spent are still worth it. At the time of buying alone, rattan is classified as one of the most expensive. But the quality, lifespan, and durability, no doubt to this material.

Are There Any Special Treatment on Sofa for Garden?

So, so that all the costs that have been spent for this type of sofa are worth it as previously given, then you must first make sure that it is clean. Even though the rattan-based sofa is placed in the garden, it must be kept clean every day.

Rattan outdoor sofa just like other furniture, easy to clean and maintain. And quite right because you put it outdoors, this sofa needs plenty of sunshine. Because enough sunlight will make the humidity levels less.

Also keep the sofa when it rains because too much rain can be a structural hazard. This special treatment is not complicated, but it is a necessary care that will help it to prolong its lifespan and keep the quality on top level.

So what kind of material for the sofa do you want? For us, the choice of this material is very vital too, and don’t forget to pay attention to where the sofa will be placed. If you use a sofa for garden with rattan material, make sure that it is maintained properly.

Rattanmeuble.com also produces garden sofa furniture and dining rattan chair. For more information regarding how to order, you can contact us here.

Sofa For Garden

Rattan Synthetic

Rattan Synthetic Made In Indonesia

Rattan synthetic is a product produced to replace the function of original rattan which is made from plastic raw materials or synthetic materials, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

The lifestyle of the community is increasingly giving rise to the latest innovations. Including the innovation of furniture items including raw materials. This innovation can meet the global market demand for rattan products.

Both of these materials are processed by the manufacturer through a manufacturing process to produce artificial rattan strands. From this process, several rattan synthetic such as poly strap is produced which are wide and flat in shape.

In addition, there is also a round artificial rattan called polycore. And lastly, there is artificial rattan which is often called craftsman with polypeel. Polypeel is artificial rattan in the shape of a semi-circle.

In terms of price, rattan made from PVC is much cheaper than natural rattan. This is due to the production costs and the cost of rattan made from PVC which can be considered quite cheap.

In addition to low production costs, rattan is preferred by craftsmen because it is easy to process. Weaving into various shapes is easy to make, that PVC rattan is weather-resistant and has a lighter weight and easy maintenance.

Rattan Synthetic Production for Furniture Craftsmen

Genuine rattan raw materials are usually purchased from agents with prices ranging from Rp. 80,000, -/kg. Meanwhile, the need to make rattan-based furniture or accessories for each product is different. It all depends on the type of product and its design.

For example, for the manufacture of 1 standard-sized room sketch, craftsmen need approximately 15 kg of rattan. The manufacture of 1 unit of chair/table requires 4-5 kg ​​of rattan on average.

When compared to the price of the original rattan above, the price of artificial rattan can be much more economical. Because artificial rattan is sold at a price of Rp. 40.000,-/Kg. Both real rattan and rattan synthetic each have advantages and disadvantages.

In the following, we describe the advantages and disadvantages of rattan synthetic compared to real rattan. The following are the advantages of this rattan compared to natural rattan, which is that it has more varied colors.

In addition, artificial rattan also has a flexible and lightweight structure. It is very necessary to shape and weave rattan material so that it becomes the furniture design desired by the craftsmen.

Disadvantages of Rattan Synthetic Compared to Natural Rattan

Of course, both natural rattan and artificial rattan have their own weaknesses and shortcomings. Both judged from the shape, price, texture, and durability have their respective advantages.

One of the advantages of artificial rattan is that the material is made more durable and more durable. This will be an added value because the weather in indonesia is quite extreme. This is because of the anti-corrosion properties of artificial rattan.

In addition to having many advantages offered, this artificial rattan also has several weaknesses, namely, when it is burned it will produce chemicals. Although the chemical substances produced are not dangerous, it is preferable to choose rattan with hdpe material.

In addition, the strength of artificial rattan will decrease due to its lightweight. Artificial rattan products are also not strong enough to support the load. To overcome this, craftsmen can combine artificial rattan with wooden, iron, or aluminum structural designs.

After knowing about natural and artificial rattan, handicraft connoisseurs can choose according to their needs. Due to the gradual decrease in the amount of natural rattan, craftsmen often use rattan synthetic.

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Rattan Synthetic