Have you watched Avengers : Endgame Movie ? Yes, it is a fantastic movie especially if you like super heroes kind of movie like I do. Eventhough it is a long movie, it is not a boring one. I enjoy every moment of the movie. And of course we want to see the continuation of this movie in near future.

However as the Rattan Chair Manufacturer I also enjoy seeing the furniture used in the movie, specifically the rattan chairs. The designs used in the movie is well thought and fit very nice for the sets.I really appreciate the people who involve in styling the movie sets that they use rattan chairs.

Below is one of rattan arm chairs used in the movie. This scene is taken when the Hawkeye meet his family again at his house.  The rattan chairs used are made from Kubu Grey. The set including round table made of wood. The chairs are put on the terrace area. The colour of the Chair is naturally grey. The colour grey of the chair is created when the rattan material was soaked into a muddy pond and sinked in there for 1 month. The result is the rattan become grey. The color is beautiful because it is naturally made.

Hawkeye Rattan Chair

Another one is the arm chair from the set of the Tony Stark’s (Iron Man) house, specifically at the terrace part also. The material used is also from Kubu Grey. The weaving style is different that makes the design is very nice.

Iron Man Rattan Chair

All the kubu chairs used in this movie, I think must be made in Indonesia. The reason is because the material of the chair is uniquely originated from Kalimantan (or Borneo) island in Indonesia. Also the colouring method to get the colour grey is also originated from Indonesia. And one of the city that produces rattan grey furniture is Cirebon in West Java Province.

Mitra Berkah Abadi is one of the rattan chair exporter and producer in Indonesia. The company is also situated in Cirebon city. We can also make chairs like the chairs used in this movie.  For more information you can contact us and hopefully you can have the chairs as the ones used in Avengers Endgame movie.