Dining Rattan Chair For Your  House

For now, have you used a rattan dining chair ? Instead of using other materials, we suggest that it is better for the dining table to use rattan, the chairs as well. But if it is not cared for properly, mold and other impurities may arise.

Rattan furniture is divided into two versions, namely natural rattan and synthetic rattan. Both have their own characteristics and of course, differ in terms of price. But when it comes to furniture, don’t hesitate to choose the best one because of the price consideration.

Don’t worry too much about the price, but see what you get later. Furniture made of rattan may be more expensive than plastic material. But in terms of durability and maintenance, we believe that a dining set would be more suitable made of rattan.

But the problem here is how you take care of the dining set. There are times when the dining set can’t even function properly due to certain problems. One of the most common problems is the build-up of mold and other bacteria, but these can be cleaned up.

Can Rattan Dining Chair Gets Moldy?

Yes, to answer the question of whether the dining table set has mold or not, this actually goes back to the steps and the way the owner treats it. Furniture will be free from those disgusting things if the cleaning method is correct, especially after use.

Dining sets are usually used as a place to eat, so they are very prone to bacteria. In addition to the way you care for this dining set, the cause of mold can be caused by the selection of poor-quality rattan. Super quality rattan is claimed to be mold-free.

The position of the dining table and chairs is also very influential. If it is placed in a humid room or a place that is identical to other molds, the potential for mold to develop on the furniture will be even greater so it must be cleaned more diligently.

How to Get Rid of the Mold on Rattan Dining Chair?

But if the rattan is already overgrown with mold, then there are several ways to get rid of it. You can start using antimold soap and wipe it on a rattan chair that has been doused with water. After that, remove it from an area exposed to the sun and dry it.

If the mold is dead and difficult to remove, the way to make the rattan dining chair can still be used is to add a layer of paint to the surface of the furniture. As much as possible before painting, rub the mold area with sandpaper until smooth.

Tung oil is also a means of preventing as well as removing mold that arises. Tung oil has the same properties as detergents, which are corrosive to grubby things. So, only the mold will be removed without damaging the surface of the dining set.

In this way, you can be sure that mildew and mold will disappear without having to spend a large budget. This simple method can be practiced at any time to the furniture you have, but after that, you must make sure to take care of the rattan dining chair properly.


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