If you have ever hear the word rattan, the first thing that come in our mind is rattan craft. Rattan is already remain as raw material for furniture. It is not only as material for furniture, rattan also has a unique side that can be utilized by humans. Rattan can be used as a delicious dish that can be consumed by humans.
Umbut rotan is one of the dishes made from rattan. Umbut rotan indeed sounds unfamiliar because umbut rotan only exists in Kalimantan. Umbut rotan is a typical dish from the Dayak tribe. This happens because of the abundance of rattan in Kalimantan.
For those of you who have experienced dishes made from papaya or bitter melon leaves, you must know the bitter taste that both dishes have. Umbut rotan has a slightly more bitter taste than bamboo shoots but is not as bitter as papaya leaves or bitter melon. Umbut rotan has a unique taste and is in demand by the community.
To make rattan umbut is not difficult. The main ingredient for making rattan shoots is young rattan shoots. You can find rattan shoots in traditional markets. If you take the rattan shoot directly from the tree, firstly clean the shoots from thorns by boiling it. Boil rattan is also useful to reduce the bitter taste and make rattan shoots become softer.
If you are interested to taste umbut rotan, you can make it yourself at home. First, preheat cooking oil. While waiting for hot oil, you can slice onions, garlic, red chilies, green chilies, and tomatoes. Then stir-fry the ingredients when the oil is hot enough. Add the rattan umbut then stir and pour enough water. Add salt, pepper, sugar, and nutmeg. If all the ingredients have entered, stir until cooked.
Umbut rotan dish has not been much in demand by many people. Umbut rotan is very difficult to find in food stalls especially in big cities. Many people may hesitate to taste the umbut rotan considering that rattan is a material used for furniture. Umbut rotan is one of the unique foods native to Indonesia that is worth a try.