Rattan is one of the famous natural products as raw material for furniture. Aside from being a raw material for making furniture, rattan can also be used for other human needs that some people may not know about it. Just like other plants, every part of rattan can be used for human needs.
Rattan sticks are one part that is often used to make furniture. It turns out that rattan sticks have other benefits, such as medical purposes. Rattan sticks contain chemicals called tannin. All types of rattan has tannin. Tannin substances are used for herbal treatment of several diseases such as sore throat, coughs and colds, diarrhea, and malaria.
Still on the sticks, it turns out that rattan sticks can be consumed by humans. The Dayaks use rattan as their daily side dish like vegetables. Before rattan can be consumed, first cleaned rattan sticks from the thorns and then washed thoroughly. Rattan has a crunchy taste when in the mouth.
Besides the sticks, there are other parts that can be consumed. Rattan tips turned out to be used as a spice for food seasoning. These rattan tips have a bitter taste that can give a unique taste to food. However, not all types of rattan can be processed into food flavorings, only 9 types of rattan can be made as a seasoning.
Other benefits of rattan besides being consumed are as weapons. The weapons that can be made with rattan are bat and whip. Those weapons are still used in several Asian countries. Rattan is also used by martial arts schools for their weapons.
For those of you sports fans surely know the game called sepak takraw. Sepak takraw is a ball game that is similar to volleyball, only the way to play it can be by using your hands, chest, knees, or feet. The ball used in sepak takraw is a rattan ball. The sepak takraw ball is made of rattan sticks which go through a long process before forming into a ball.
In addition to rattan body parts, rattan sap can also be used by humans. Rattan sap has a red color just like blood so it is often referred to as dragon’s blood. This rattan sap has artistic value and makes a shiny effect. Rattan sap is usually used to cover items made of wood such as guitars or violins.