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Home Furniture Indonesia is in great demand and has succeeded in penetrating the international market. This is the statement conveyed in the release of the Indonesian Embassy in BERN. It is a best seller in Switzerland, especially those with high quality and guaranteed quality.

Some types of furniture that are favored by the Swiss people are furniture made of natural wood and resistant to weather changes. Likewise, the principles of sustainable production and community development are also a concern for consumers in Switzerland.

The Indonesian Embassy in Switzerland held a meeting with the Living Dreams company, Muliaman Hadad. The meeting was attended by various importers and the meeting was on a large scale in Meilien.

Apart from Meilen, there are several other branches of this company, namely Zurich and Mallocra. The meeting, which was held between Ambassador Muliaman and Living Dreams, was aimed at strengthening the partnership network in terms of doing business.

In addition, this event also aims to promote the 36th Trade Expo Indonesia Digital Edition and will be held on October 21-4, 2021 in Indonesia. This activity will carry the theme “Reviving Global Trade”.

Indonesia Home Furniture in the Eyes of Foreign Countries

By holding this meeting, it is hoped that there will be the dissemination of information related to the Indonesia-EFTA CEPA agreement. In addition, there are benefits from the implementation of Indonesia’s EFTA-CEPA.

The living dreams company makes large-scale purchases of furniture from Indonesia. This has happened for about 15 years, especially on the islands of Lombok, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta. This benefits all Indonesian craftsmen because their products are worldwide.

The main concept of this collaboration is to provide orders as well as designs and materials to wood craftsmen. Then the craftsmen will import and sell them in the international market, more precisely in Switzerland or other European countries.

Living Dreams also sells Indonesia home furniture in airports, spas, hotels, restaurants, offices, showrooms in Switzerland and other countries in Europe. The variety of furniture products purchased from Indonesia are selling well.

In addition to products made of wood, this company also produces products made of natural stone and bronze, such as home decor products. Approximately 80% of the majority of furniture products sold and home decor come from Indonesia.

Indonesia Home Furniture Companies in Various Parts of the World

One of the furniture companies that import goods from Indonesia is Living Dream. The owner of living dream stated that during the pandemic the sales of his furniture products increased by 20 percent.

This is because people in Switzerland spend a lot of money on travel and use it to decorate their homes and they also spend more time at home. This is also one of them contributing to increasing the value of Indonesia home furniture imports to Switzerland.

For information, the value of furniture trade in semester 1-2021. This furniture managed to occupy the 6th position for main commodities from Indonesia to Switzerland with a value of USD 12.28 million from January – June 2021. This value is up 17% compared to January – June 2020, which is worth $9.87 million.

It is evident that furniture companies in various foreign countries have started to import goods from Indonesia. The international community considers that Indonesia has very amazing art, especially in Indonesia home furniture.

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