Keeping the cleanness of household furniture is important so that the house looks clean and tidy. Besides making the furniture clean, cleaning the furniture also makes the furniture more durable. This is important thing to be done routinely so that household furniture is kept clean.
For those of you who have furniture made of rattan may have difficulty in cleaning your furniture. Rattan furniture usually has a complicated wicker structure making it difficult to clean the smallest parts. However, behind all problems must have its solution. There are special ways to make rattan furniture in your home stay clean and look beautiful.
The first solution for cleaning rattan furniture is to use a vacuum cleaner. You can use the long hairy tip of the dust to clean between the gaps on rattan furniture. Be careful in its use, make sure not to press the furniture too hard. This will cause the furniture to be scratched and even damaged the woven connection. Cleaning can be done once a week.
If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can use a used toothbrush as a second solution. The use of brushes can also be done if there are parts that cannot be reached by a vacuum cleaner. Use a brush that still has upright bristles. How to clean it is to wet the brush first to make cleaning optimally. Clean between the gaps using a brush carefully and try not to damage the webbing connection.
You can also use a wet cloth to clean rattan furniture. However, this cannot be applied to all types of rattan such as rami woven. For furniture from synthetic rattan you can spray water directly on the furniture or if needed you can use detergents. As for furniture from natural rattan, you don’t need to spray water on the furniture, just enough with a damp cloth that has been mixed with detergent.
After rattan furniture cleaned by water, it should be dried immediately so that there is no growth of mold and mildew. Furniture from natural rattan can be dried with a hairdryer. Make sure that the temperature is not too high so it doesn’t burn the furniture. Meanwhile to drying furniture from synthetic rattan you should not use a hairdryer because it can make the furniture melt. We recommend that furniture from synthetic rattan be dried in direct sunlight.
For rattan furniture that is old enough, there will be a lot of fibers in the webbing. If you have this, you can clean it with scissors. You can cut the ends of the fibers on the webbing. Don’t try to pull or pull out the fibers if you don’t want your furniture to be damaged.