Indonesia has the best quality rattan in the world. That is the reason of high demand from international market for rattan products in the form of raw products and finished products is very high. This causes rattan to become one of the export products that generate large foreign exchange for Indonesia.
Indonesia is able to send large amounts of rattan every year. For raw rattan products as many as 630 thousand tons can be sent annually. Meanwhile the semi-finished products can touch 250 thousand tons per year. This proves that Indonesia is a rattan-producing country in Indonesia.
Indonesia was once the biggest exporter country, beating other rattan producing countries. However, in 2011 the government banned the export of raw rattan. The government hopes that local producers will not lack raw rattan because of exports. The producers are expected to improve the quality of locally made rattan products.
The policy to ban raw rattan export activities increase national rattan production. An increase occurred in the export of local rattan products. Exports of finished rattan products increased by 9.6% with a value of US$137.9 million. However, in 2011 there was a world economic crisis caused a decline of 17.6% so that export results touched the figure of $113.6 million.
In 2012, the export of finished rattan products increased again and continued in 2013. The increase in 2012 made a profit of $202.6 million. The following year, in 2013 there were $262.5 million in profits. Following the policy of banning raw rattan exports, exports of semi-finished rattan products rose to $1.71 billion in 2015.
Many countries export rattan products from Indonesia such as Britain, the Netherlands, Israel, Germany and many other countries. The rattan products will be used in restaurants, resorts, offices or used for other household needs. Meanwhile, raw rattan is exported to other rattan producing countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries.
On the other hand, the government is still discussing the policy to ban raw rattan exports. This is due to the pros and cons among rattan producers regarding this policy. The government is trying to find the win-win solution regarding the policy of rattan export so that no one will get harm.
Rattanmeuble is one of the rattan exporter company in Cirebon, Indonesia. It exports its products such as rattan chairs, sofa, table to the world. We hope we can participate in government’s goals to increase non oil export and increase foreign exchange reserve for the country