Have you ever wonder where and how your rattan furniture at home produced ? Rattan furniture is produced by rattan factories in Indonesia. However the journey of rattan material to Rattan Factory is a long journey. Rattan material grows only in forest in island outside Java Island. From forest to rattan material processing facility it may took tens of kilometers to get through.

The rattan picker usually go into forest for days to pick and cut rattan trees. They make a camp in the forest and gather the rattan they cut and bring to the camp for temporary warehouse. After gathering tons of rattan trees and meet their target , then rattan pickers bring the rattan logs to the village where the rattan pickers live.

After arriving in the village, rattan trees then boiled in diesel fuel container. The boiling process can take several days. The purpose to clean the rattan stems and eliminate oils in the rattan stems. It also eliminate bugs in rattan stems. The best quality rattan use the best fuel and procedure in boiling rattan.

After boiling process, rattan then sold to Rattan distributor in the cities in Sumatera, Borneo or Sulawesi. Rattan Distributor then send the rattan material to Java Island and sell to Rattan Factories. Rattan Factory is the one that process the rattan material into rattan furniture that customers like us have in our house.

Rattan is widely used in Furniture because its uniqueness and flexibility. Rattan Furniture is also quite strong for use that can last for several years of standard use.  Like wooden Furniture, rattan less absorb heat and cold. This feature make rattan furniture suitable for indoor use.

Rattan Furniture becomes important export commodity for Indonesia. In 2020 the export value is more that $ 350 million dollar. The export market is not only US and European countries, but to the worldwide. The government support rattan industry to grow. The export of raw rattan material has been forbidden for several years in order rattan furniture industry to grow.

Cirebon City Center of Rattan Factory

If you want to visit Rattan Factory in Indonesia, you should visit Cirebon city. Cirebon is one of the Center city for Furniture From Indonesia.  It is located in North East part of West Java Province. By using car it takes 3 hours driving. You can take train also to come to Cirebon. We suggest you take Executive Class Train to get to Cirebon. It is more comfortable and  efficient than taking car.

Rattanmeuble.com is also one of factory that produce and export rattan furniture. For order and information you can contact us.

Rattan Factory