For people who like to decorate a room, they always looking for a new ideas to decorate the room. unconsciously, an inspiration can be found around us. Nature is one of the biggest sources of inspiration with a ton of beauty. Nature is not only a place of inspiration, nature has many things that can be used as a product that has both beauty and economic value.
Rattan is one of the natural products that can be used as goods to fulfill human needs. Rattan crafts are as good as other materials crafts. Rattan has its own characteristics that make aesthetic side to a product.
Rattan is a material that comes from trees. Nevertheless, rattan is non-wood product, rattan has a similar wood appearance in general. The use of rattan furniture for interior design will make the room look natural and fresh.
The aesthetic side of rattan makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor rattan furniture. Rattan furniture can be place in outdoor areas and it will not be a problem because rattan products can be resistant to water or sunlight. Rattan furniture is also easy to clean if the furniture is dusty or stained.
Rattan furniture can be formed into various types of products not just basic furniture such as tables and chairs. Rattan handicraft also can be a room decoration such as hanging swing, mirror, and other works of art that can be used as decoration. Many world-class artists also began to make beautiful art from rattan.
If you have your own product design, you can make an order according to the design you want. This is because rattan is flexible and it is easy to form various types of crafts. Unfortunately, rattan can only have a basic color, rattan furniture can be combined with cushion. Plain pillows or floral pattern can be a choice for rattan furniture.
Customers do not need to worry about price problems because rattan furniture has an affordable price. The rattan quality is undoubtable because rattan furniture can last a long time if it maintained well. Another thing that is an advantage for rattan products is that they are light so it is easy to move.
Rattan furniture can be used as an option for your interior design. Rattan crafts can give a new color to the room with its characteristics of rattan products. The treatment is also quite easy and inexpensive. To make an interior design that looks classy and beautiful does not need to spend a lot of money.