The first impressions of your house it’s come to the front terrace of your house, unrealizing most people are forget to decor their terrace house, they are just focus on the interior décor. No wonder, a comfortable living room, dining room, kitchen, and bath room is a big wishes for every family because they are planning to make a home sweet home that fit their dreams. Consequently, terrace furniture is also important furniture in your house to be paid attention. Rattan Terrace Set can be considered as an alternative furniture in the terrace area.

House is the place for you and family to live, besides that we are human is a social beings, we will interacting with another people, there will be a moment when someone come to your house, whether it siblings, friends, neighbour, work colleague, etc.

Front Terrace is the first view of what your guest think about your house, it’s transition from the outside to the house. The guest that visit your home have many reason, purpose, and time. So you can put a furniture like tables and chairs at your front terrace, it has purpose to receiving a guest, thing that you know that sometimes your guest have a limited time, and just want to talk outside rather than talking inside you house.

It’s like an efficient way to create a mini living room for your home, since you can use your front terrace for enjoy a free time together with your family. Coffee, Cigaretes (if you are a smoker), and book.

The decoration of terrace house has a various style, but mostly people decide to use natural style for their terrace house decoration, because it giving peace and comfortable atmosphere for them.

The natural terrace decoration should be support with Enviromentally Friendly Furniture, light furniture which easily to carry and move (movable object). The light furniture is made you easily customize the decoration, same like the thing that we are always find, get a new vibes and experience.

CV Mitra Berkah Abadi is Rattan furniture exporter, manufacturer, & supplier based in Cirebon, Indonesia. We have our own local concept or design, also we are receiving all custom design for every Rattan furniture product.

Rattan Furniture Inspiration – Terrace Set Edition

In this article we are giving you a reference about rattan furniture terrace set and the accessories that might be suitable for your home decoration.

  1. Pelangi Terrace Set.
Pelangi Terrace Set

Classic style with dark brown finishing color and perfect size, make this terrace set looks suitable with every terrace decoration.

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