Swing seat is a game that is loved by all ages from toddlers to adults. It turns out that besides being use as a game it also has other benefits for humans. According to research swing can be used as one sport that has a positive impact on health. You can burn as many as 200 calories for 60 minutes swings. This same as do some sports in a fitness center.
Swing seat is very popular in every age, but not everyone can have their own swing seat. Usually swings can only be found in public areas such as tourist attractions and city parks. If you want to enjoy the swing seat at home there is an option that is the rattan swing seat. This rattan swing seat is easily to install inside the house.
Although the name is rattan swing seat, this swing seat is only made of synthetic rattan, not natural rattan. This rattan swing seat measures around 200 cm and 110 cm in diameter. This swing seat can carry things up to 150 kg. It has large and wide shape makes this swing able to be used by two people at once.
Many shapes and designs vary from this rattan swing seat. Starting from the round, oval and other unique shapes. This rattan craft become popular because its aesthetic design can make value to the beauty of the room. Installing this rattan swing seat is also easy and doesn’t take up much space.
The placement of rattan swing seat in the house has many functions. It is not only to adding a beautiful impression to the room, rattan swings can be used to relax. Rattan swing seat will give you relaxation time so that it can reduce the heavy burden on you. You can put a swing of rattan on the terrace so that when you relax you can feel the breeze that adds to the feeling of comfort.
Rattan swing seat is now widely used in outdoor and indoor tourist attractions. Tourist destinations that use rattan swings while offering natural beauty include Prambanan Temple, Dago Dream Park, Kemit Forest and many more. Many visitors make rattan swings to take pictures with friends and family.
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