The fashion world is always alive in bringing up creative ideas. There are new fashion trends in every year. Fashion trends are often created by someone who has a big impact in the world of fashion such as designers and artists.
This year rattan bags have become one of the new fashion trends in Indonesia. This happened after one of the Indonesian artists used a rattan bag while on vacation. The artist is Raisa, a singer and celebrity who is popular in Indonesia. Raisa was praised even more beautiful when using the rattan bag.
Rattan bag currently become a hot topic in the world of Indonesian fashion is a round sling bag with a diameter of 20 cm. The bag has a natural color of rattan that is brown wood. The minimalist style has become popular among rattan craftsmen after many requests from customers.
Rattan bag itself that is simple in style is easily match with any outfit. For every occasion, both formal and informal, rattan bags can be chosen as a fashion accessories. Natural-style rattan bags also can be combined with all colors so there is no need to worry about matching clothes.
Now, there are many rattan bags in the market both in Indonesia and abroad. There are range of types from sling bags to large tote bags. The types of woven rattan bags are no less diverse than other rattan woven. The color variations of rattan bags are also available in all colors. Many variations of rattan bags can be your choice.
Although made from rattan, you don’t need to worry that this bag has a heavy weight. The price is very affordable, start from Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 300,000. Another benefit of rattan bags is that they are not easily stained. For treatment is easy just use a wet cloth if it is dusty enough.
The trend of this rattan bag fashion is a fresh air for rattan craftsmen. The demand for rattan bags also came from abroad which made the producers make a lot of profit. Rattan products also now vary not only furniture products. In the future, it is expected that there will be a lot of the latest trends that will make the development of rattan industry.