Wicker furniture exporters are exporter of rattan wicker furniture. Wicker furniture can be made form several materials such as natural rattan, synthetic rattan, natural fibers such as banana, waterhyacinth, rope, and other materials.

Wicker furniture exporters come from mainly Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philppine. However most of wicker furniture from natural rattan comes from Indonesia as this country has the largest rattan forest in the world.

In Indonesia, the biggest area of rattan wicker furniture is in Cirebon. Cirebon is loacted in North East part of West Java province. It takes 3 hours by train from Jakarta . The travel by train is more comfortable than by car. The traffic by car is bad in jakarta city and on toll road.

CV Mitra Berkah Abadi also produces rattan wicker furniture. The company also located in Cirebon. Below is the example of the rattan wicker furniture they produce. For more information you can contact the company

Wicker Furniture Exporters