Rattan Basket Exporters

Rattan basket exporters are companies that manufacture rattan basket either from natural rattan or synthetic rattan. There are some countries that manufacture rattan basket such as Vietnam, Philippine, Indonesia, and Malaysia. However the biggest producer of natural rattan basket is Indonesia. It is because more than 85 % of rattan trees grow in Indonesia forest.

There are Several cities in Java Island that become the center of rattan basket industry : there are Solo, Cirebon and Surabaya. Cirebon city until now is the biggest rattan basket industry area in Indonesia. Therefore many rattan basket buyers come to Cirebon looking for for rattan basket suppliers.

Rattan basket is basket made from rattan wicker. The material could be natural or synthetic. Rattan basket is used for storage, container for food, books, etc. The size of basket could be small, medium and big. The material for rattan basket could be from kubu grey, fitrit, lacak, jawit, cl, synthetic rattan, waterhyacinth, seagrass, banana, and other material. Sometimes the material can be mixed, such as a basket from kubu and fitrit, cl and kubu grey, and many other combination. Below is picture of rattan basket.

Rattan Basket

Mitra Berkah Abadi is one of the rattan basket manufacturer in Indonesia. The company is also located in Cirebon city. The company can produce both natural and synthetic rattan basket. Buyer can order minimum 1 x 40 ft container with mix items inside. This is a good deal for small client because the client can order several rattan basket models or design in 1 container. Clients also can order custom basket product based on their design. For more information you can contact Mitra Berkah Abadi and we hope you enjoy good time when you visit Cirebon city.