Today Corona Virus has spread worldwide including to Indonesia. The furniture industry is also affected to this situation. The International Furniture which was scheduled to be held on 12-15 March 2020, finally postponed until the end of September 2020. Therefore Furniture Industry already suffer from potential order loss since the postponement of the furniture fair in March.
Domestically, the Government has urged people to stay at home and do Social Distancing. This also has made people reduce buying non primary need goods such as home furniture. In Some area furniture shops are forced to be closed because there is no shopper .
Internationally , some countries in the world has put lockdown policy. Others also imposed social distancing policy. This creates economy slowdown worldwide. Consequently , the slowdown of world economy also affect rattan furniture industry. Some rattan furniture exporters already complain about declining in orders they get from customers.
We hope this situation will not last longer, and the virus will be vanish sooner. But above all the people health is more important than the other things wish everybody stay health and strong during this hard period.