Rattan Baby Swing exporter is manufacturer , producer of rattan baby swing that export the product to the world. Rattanmeuble.com also produce and export this rattan baby swing to the world. The design of the baby swing can be customized by clients. The material of baby swing could be natural or synthetic rattan.
For new parents who having babies many things need to be considered in caring for a baby. Included in the case of giving a swing to the baby there are things that must be avoided. Giving a strong swing when holding or calming the baby can cause the syndrome in the baby.
Shaken baby syndrome is trauma in children that caused by strong shocks on the baby’s head. The reason is a swings too tightly for a baby. Factors that cause this can happen because they are too infatuated with the baby. Parents who have difficulty putting the baby to sleep also usually give a hard swing so the baby can sleep quickly.
There are ways to make it easier for parents to put the baby to sleep that have been done since a long time. In the past, parents used rattan swings to put the baby to sleep. To relieve the burden on parents, using rattan swing also does not endanger the baby. The swing produced by the swing of the baby rattan is not too fast but can make the baby sleep quickly.
Rattan baby swing also provides many other benefits. Swing the baby slowly with the swing of the baby rattan can relieve the heat in the baby. A baby is very sensitive to high temperatures so it feels hot quickly. Babies will feel uncomfortable if they sweat.
In a study proves that swinging a baby slowly and lovingly can increase the bond between parent and child. This is caused by eye contact that occurs when giving the crib to the baby. Try to make eye contact with the baby while calming them.
If you are interested in having a rattan baby swing, there are many models of rattan baby swing on the market. The price offered for a single baby rattan swing is also affordable start from $ 30 to $ 150. Rattan baby swing is made from natural rattan or synthetic rattan. Before buying a baby rattan swing, make sure your baby does not have an allergy to products made from rattan, both natural and synthetic rattan.