In Indonesia, the use of child seats in two-wheeled vehicles is popular in recent years. This child seat is made of rattan which is placed between the driver and the handlebar of the motorcycle. Child rattan chairs is an additional chair whose use by toddlers. The aim of child seat to make the child sit comfortably while driving.
Rattan chair can be found in rattan craftsmen or even online shops. This child rattan chair has attractive designs and colors so it can be used as motorcycle accessories. The price offered also varies from around Rp. 100,000.
However, important thing for parents need to know about the dangers of using this rattan chair. The use of this rattan chair can endanger the safety of children. Not only the child, the driver’s safety can also be threatened. To driving two-wheeled vehicles, there needs space to drive like turning. If adding a child seat of course this will limit the driver’s space in driving. This will cause an unwanted accident.
According to Law No.22 of 2009 concerning Traffic and Road Transportation, it stated that the maximum number of people to transport on two-wheeled vehicles is two people, which are the driver with one passenger. If we bring a child that means we carrying one passenger. This is just a recommendation stated in the legal regulations.
There is a safe way if we need to bring under the age children. The child and the driver should stick each other. Make sure the child sits in the passenger seat holding the driver tightly. Make sure the position of the passenger and driver have same direction and avoid the opposite position like a passenger sitting back to the driver.
There is no education about the dangers of using rattan chairs for children in two-wheeled vehicles. This caused the community to continue to use the rattan chairs. The production of this child rattan chair still continues. If this continue, there needs to be awareness from parents about the importance of the safety of the child and the driver when driving. It is better to avoid accidents early before bad things happen while driving. also produces and exports rattan child chair. For more information for the product you can contact us.