Rattan Pillow Exporters are producer, manufacturer or exporter of rattan pillow, especially from natural rattan. Rattan pillow is one of handicraft made from rattan. Probably most of you have heard of rattan crafts. Rattan crafts already exist since ancient times and continue to run in this modern era. Rattan often used as furniture manufacturing material. Over time, rattan can now be used for medicine. Rattan made for a product that can reduce disease in humans.
One of the health products made from rattan is rattan pillows. Rattan pillows are one of innovation products from rattan craftsmen. The idea of making rattan pillows comes from traditional Japanese pillows. The shape of the rattan pillow has a similarity to a pillow in common.
Unlike pillows in common that contain foam, silicon, or cotton, rattan pillows are not fill with other material on the inside of the pillow. Rattan pillows are made empty and only supported by a few bamboo strings as a buffer. Instead of feeling hard, this rattan pillow will provide comfort the user.
Although it is not as comfortable as cotton and foam pillows, rattan pillows can be used as a massage tool. When lying on a rattan pillow you can move your head or neck on a rattan pillow. This gives the same effect when you do reflexology.
When you use a common pillow, sometimes you may feel hot because a common pillow made by material that absorbs heat. However, the rattan pillow will give a cool feeling when using it. This is because the empty part in the center of the rattan pillow and rattan wicker have small breaks that can make the wind enter.
Rattan pillows have benefits for curing diseases. Rattan pillows can be used as a therapeutic tool to relieve vertigo. The reason is that by the structure of a stable rattan pillow to support the head or neck because it does not contain material that is easily moved.
If you are interested in having a rattan pillow, prices for one rattan pillow start from $ 50 to $ 20. Rattan pillows have many variations of shapes and colors that you can choose as you wish. To find a rattan pillow you can look for it in the online market or come directly to rattan craftsmen.
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