Rattan is Indonesia’s natural product that has big amount of the result. So far, people only know that rattan used as a basic material for furniture. In fact, rattan can be use as other objects that are useful for human life. Rattan can be use as trinkets that you might not have thought of.
Are you bored with furniture made of plastic or glass? You should try furniture that made of rattan. Your eyes will be spoil by rattan furniture that has beautiful weaving. If you often enjoy tea or coffee, you can use a rattan glass mat so that the stain from the drink does not leave a mark on the table.
If you like eating fruit, you definitely need a basket to put the fruits to make it look neat. Another rattan craft that has a beautiful weaving is the rattan fruit basket. It is not only being a fruit container, rattan fruit baskets will also enhance the appearance of your dining table.
Another household furniture that you should not miss is a glass holder made of rattan. The function of the glass holder is that it makes it easier for you to use glasses that do not have a handle. Rattan glass holder has a sturdy structure so it will not make the glass fall easily. Rattan glass holders will also make your plain glass prettier.
After knowing about household furniture made from rattan, rattan can then be use as fashion item. For you accessories collector, especially women who love collecting earrings, there is one unique item made of rattan. Rattan earrings are one of the new fashion items that can make you look more fashionable and make you as the highlight in the crowded.
That was some trinkets made of rattan for your recommendation. If you use products from rattan, it is the same as taking care of the environment. If you are worried about the price of a rattan product, there are many craftsmen who offer products at affordable prices. Rattan products also do not require special treatment that can burden you. 
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