Rattan Indonesia

Indonesian Rattan is known in various countries around the world. Many foreign tourists vacation in Indonesia to see works of art made by Indonesian craftsmen. One of the works is made of rattan.

Amid the scarcity of rattan raw materials, the furniture business continues to thrive. Humans can not be separated from the furniture. This problem is considered a classic problem, the answer is entangled entrepreneurs and craftsmen related to rattan raw materials.

Indonesia is the largest rattan-producing country in the world and is known as Indonesian rattan. Cirebon is the center of the national rattan industry. The city of Cirebon is also experiencing a shortage of rattan raw materials. This is due to the scarcity of these raw materials.

Handicraft lovers are experiencing a crisis of rattan raw materials. However, furniture and related goods entrepreneurs have understood this. This scarcity was mentioned by one of the furniture entrepreneurs at the Indonesia Furniture Expo.

Indonesian Rattan is Still Sold Ilegally

The Indonesian president said that the government must find a way so that rattan from Indonesian raw materials are always available. This is because there are still many illegal exports. Then in the purchase of industrial machinery, the control must be tightened again.

For craftsmen, the permission letter must be facilitated. In addition, the Indonesian president said that taxes for ports to send goods such as Indonesian rattan raw materials should be reduced. That way the government helps Indonesian craftsmen.

Regarding the port problem, Petros sees the existence of a port in Cirebon as being very important because of tourism and costs. So far, to send their goods, entrepreneurs in Cirebon have to go through the Tanjung Priok Port in Jakarta.

To send their goods, Cirebon entrepreneurs have to go through the Tanjung Priok port. It will take quite a long time. Meanwhile, even though they have gone through this procedure, the craftsmen also have to take a long time.

It takes a long time to wait for the ship to arrive. Not to mention the costs that will be incurred by entrepreneurs. Therefore, if a port is built-in Cirebon, it will control the time and costs that will be incurred by the craftsmen.

The Process of Making Indonesian Rattan Crafts

Several foreign nationals living in Indonesia stated that handmade crafts are an industry that has a large enough market share. Although in its development, the craft industry has been facilitated.

In terms of equipment, for example, cutting machines and movers for flexing rattan. However, there are still many craftsmen who still maintain traditional equipment by burning to flex the rattan to be made handicrafts.

The question arises why buyers are still interested in these handicrafts. The answer to this is very simple, there are still many connoisseurs of handwork who appreciate these results.

Moreover, there is added value from the results of handicraft products compared to products made using machines. An interesting and natural touch is produced from hand-crafted products. There is a long process to make these crafts.

That’s why the furniture business made by hand must always refer to product quality and customer service capabilities. Service here is related to speed, convenience, and handling customer complaints. Coupled with traditional Indonesian rattan.

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